Leadership Lesson #23: How To Motivate and Lead to Go From Bottom to the Top

It’s now 24 hours since the West Coast Eagles played a cliff hanger game to beat Carlton by 3 points and scrape into the Preliminary Finals against Geelong next week..

For anyone who saw the game live or on TV, it really was one of the great games of the year if not the decade.

The Eagles were 4 goals down in the first quarter.

They clawed their way back to lead most of the game.

They led by 21 points at the 22nd minute of the last quarter.

Then Carlton came back at them.

In the end, if Carlton had kicked just one more straight kick they would have won.

Both teams had injuries.

Both teams ran themselves ragged.

The crowd were going ballistic.

The last quarter went for a marathon 36 minutes..

Then.. the final siren.. The Eagles by 3 points..