Why Anthony Robbins and R Words Might Shock and Upset You at Your Business

What got me Thinking about Rituals and Routines on the Way Down the Beach Today and How It can have Big Impacts in Your Business and Life

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve got about 25 things I wanted to share with you..

Hopefully they’ll make some sense… and make a difference to you as well..


I don’t want to offend or shock or upset you but… there might just be a lesson in here for you (and me..) about Rituals, Routine, Rules and getting the Results you want out of your business and your life..

Anthony Robbins and My Drive to the Beach today..

I was driving down to the Surf Club this morning to do a light workout and have a dip in the Indian Ocean and (being the observant person that I am) I kept noticing all the people out running and walking on the paths that lead up Oceanic Drive past Bold Park on the way to City Beach..

It reminded me of an Anthony Robbins video I had watched a week or so ago where he said ‘I can tell your rituals by looking at your body… If you have a fit and toned body you can’t get that without the ritual of working out 4 or 5 times a week..’