Sales Training Lesson #35: More Leadership Lessons from Wayne Bennett, a Priest and Confucius

Beautiful sunny day here in Perth…

Having a lazy start to the day after a mate’s 50th Birthday party last night..

It was an 80’s theme so everyone dressed in 80’s gear..

Everyone from Adam Ant to Indiana Jones and Madonna (look alikes) showed up..

The speeches reflected on my mates journey over the past 50 years and especially the memories and joys since the 1980’s..

When was the last time you heard Princes ‘1999’ song.. and remembered when you first heard it and it seemed like centuries away when it would be 1999..?

Time flies by..

Adam Ant is probably a grandfather by now.. and like one of my other mates last night who had a black wig with ponytail and dark sunnies (his wife said he looked like a Big Slav)… hairlines and waistlines can and do change..

So what’s that got to do with you and your business?

Read on…