Flying Your Sales and Business for Predictable Success

Blackburne Property Group CEO Darren Cooper gave me a lesson in safety and predictable success when he invited me to go flying with him recently.

The sky was a perfect cloudless blue. There was almost no wind and Darren had told me he was a stunt Pilot, so I was just a little nervous about what might ensue.

As it works out we were in a perfectly normal 4 seater SkyHawk and we were just flying for an hour or two down to Mandurah and back and doing a few take off and landings.

Success – What Does It Take To Produce Sustained Success?

If you live in Australia and haven’t heard the name Rick Charlesworth you probably haven’t been that interested in success in sport over the last 30 years.

If you have any interest in success, sport or high performance you will know that Rick is no only a medical doctor, Sheffield Shield cricketer and Captain of Western Australia, but Olympic hockey player, gold medalist and Master Coach of the Australian Men’s and Women’s hockey team.