How Sex, Action, Customer Survey's and Customer Experience are all Important Keys in 2014

3 Lessons to Kick Off 2014 including a Controversial One on the Power of Sex and Customer Feedback at  Your Company

I’m doing my best to get back into the working year of 2014…

How are you going with that?

3 key lessons from the last 30 days….to help you kick off 2014


I’ve just got off the phone to Mr. ‘Action Man’ Paul Ramsay of Travel and Sports Australia.paul ramsay.jpg

He is fired up..

He is using my Sales Planning tools and Sales Planning Systems to get his team focused and fired up for 2014.

They are listening to my CD’s and discussing them in Team meetings.

Sales Training Lesson #23: Two Ears, One Mouth and the Gold in Client Feedback

I’ve just finished putting a new page on this web site..

It’s a page that outlines a service we have done for almost 25 years but had not articulated clearly enough on this site..

As with so many things, it’s so obvious… IN HINDSIGHT..

Why hadn’t we done it already?

How could I be so blind? So forgetful??

No need to spend too much time beating ourselves up…

Just fix it..

But where did the CATALYST FOR ACTION come from?

A client..