Motivation Lesson #4: What You can Learn from Sting, Parko and my old mate Neil about The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox

What You can Learn about Motivation from Sting, Parko and Neil. Discovering The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox at Our Age..

by Leigh Farnell

I’m a day or two late with this post.. But it’s not a question of motivation.

Have been wrapped in cotton wool recovering from a bout of the flu..

But while recouperating, have been watching documentaries on my apple tv and reading..

Here are some  quotes I’ve been hit with over the past few days I wanted to share with help with your motivation, inspiration and learning.


Sting is one of my heroes, role models, mentors (or just call me a starry eyed groupie…in the non sexual way that is..)

I was Youtubing Sting clips last week and came across an interview he did for the Sunrise programme recently..

When Mel asked him ‘what motivates you to keep so fit and trim at age 60?’ he replies..

‘It’s a combination of discipline … and vanity…’

I thought, what a great answer? What a great combination of motivators..

Discipline and Vanity..Motivation and You..