Jump And The Net Will Appear – Lessons from Steve Jobs and Billy Thorpe on Marketing and Innovation

This is an article on Theatre, Rock Music, Computing gurus, you and me.

The common link in these themes are Marketing and Innovation (and taking leaps of Faith).

Innovation means taking a new idea and putting it into action.

Innovation isn’t just coming up with the idea.

It’s having the courage to take the leap of faith and put the idea into action – to take the idea from the metaphysical and make it physical.

Leadership Lesson # 39: Why Ode to the Crazy Ones?

I’m reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson at the moment..

I find myself getting inspired.. angry.. inspired.. angry..

Inspired about his incredible achievements..

Angry about the way he treated people – even those very close to him.

It really is a rollercoaster ride about a very complex but driven person, who really has,
as he used to say ‘made a dent in the Universe’

Leadership Lesson #47: Why Am I thinking about Apollo 13, Steve Jobs, Mick Malthouse and You?

Why am I pre-occupied looking at movie clips of “Apollo 13”?
Do you remember the Tom Hanks, Ron Howard Directed movie from 1995?
It was a true story of how NASA got the crippled Apollo 13 space craft back to earth after its oxygen/power failed half way through the flight..
It was a testament to teamwork, leadership, problem solving and human synergistics.
It really was a ripper..