To 'Soldier ON while You're Sick Or Not' Policy

A Sensitive Topic on Sickness and Staying Away for Your Business

I wanted to raise an interesting and sensitive topic with you..

I am sending this email to all my clients.

It has arisen due to the fact I was out of action ill (sick, coughing, grumpy, unproductive and not happy) for the past week or so.

It all started a few weeks ago when on both a Monday and a Tuesday people came to workshops coughing and spluttering with ‘I’ve had this for 3 weeks…’ flu/pneumonia/ man cold, whatever you want to call it..


Within a week I knew something was going wrong with my body but I ‘soldiered on..’

I’d had my annual flu shot earlier in the year with the goal of preventing the possibility of going down (and inconveniencing clients and self) but…

After a couple of busy weeks that included a flight over East and back and other things, I ended up coughing and spluttering myself.

I ended up at the doctor 3 times in 7 days, 2 courses of antibiotics and had to cancel 2 workshops and about 7 days of productivity and no exercise or fitness work for almost 2 weeks as a result.

Bottom line — I am not very happy about this…and I want to prevent it (or at least minimise the risk of it) happening again.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I asked friends on Facebook what their thoughts were..