White Collar Sales Success: 6 Steps to Professional Sales for Professionals

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Recently I was working with a group of highly qualified Accountants.

One had a Masters Degree, international experience and clearly was highly intelligent.
He then told me of a client selling situation he was in… wondering why he didn’t win the work.

Once he told me the story, it was clear.

He’d made at least 4 key mistakes in his process.

1. Not only had he given away far too much information before he asked for the business,

2. He assumed that if he showed the prospect how smart he was he’d automatically get the business

3. He assumed that because he worked for a big firm, that would automatically transfer his credibility

4. He never asked the prospects DBC – Dominant Buying Criteria, to get the work in the first place..

In short, his Professional Services Selling process was POOR, WRONG, UNPLANNED, UNPRACTICED and FULL OF ASS-U-MPTIONS..

(You know the old story — when you ASSUME you make an ASS of U and ME…)


Sales Training from the BBC and How to Stop Smart People Doing Dumb Things


Its 7.15 on a Sunday morning.

My dog Ebony is snoring in her basket in front of me as I sit here with the heater on and my laptop on my lap..

I’ve been up doing an admin job that fits in with the time management principle – ‘Do the job you don’t like doing FIRST..’

It’s worked for me again..

Job Done.. tick…

So now.. a note to you with some learning’s I got last week that I think will help you this week..


  • Lessons from helpful customers
  • Customer catalyzed innovation for tough times and business breakthroughs
  • Lessons from a BBC TV show you really should check out
  • The big mistake in selling professional services
  • How to prevent very smart people doing dumb, costly things