Sales Training Lesson #45: How to deal with the Price Shopper

In a sales training session this week an ephiphany occurred…

I was with a group of Retail Sales people and one of the team was a new guy..

He had worked with the company several years ago and had recently rejoined.

He had been in the installation side of the business but now he had joined the sales team.

So he knew a bit about the product… but not so much about sales.

As I was working through the material on the sales process, building rapport, standing out from the competition, selling on value, dealing with objections etc, first of all his body language was that of someone who didn’t agree with me… and secondly, he kept bringing up lines like:

‘But we always get beaten on price…’

‘Everyone always wants the cheapest price…’

‘If we’re not the cheapest…. we’re going to get beaten…’

He must have referred to ‘price’, ‘being the cheapest’ at least 4 times in the first hour or so..

So what was going on here?

What impact was that thinking having on his sales?