How to Double Sales Productivity

Real Estate General Manager talks about doubling a Sales Rep’s Productivity Sales Productivity and being able to double it. It is important to find out what you are going to learn in the Sales Management field especially in terms of being productive. Scott Fletcher, a Real Estate General Manager talks about how they work on…

How One Idea Put $2 Million into Paul’s Sales Pipeline

What could you put into your Sales Pipeline if you attended one of Leigh Farnell’s Start a Sales Revolution in Your Business Seminars? Go to and get your FREE Sales Winners Gift Pack valued at $697 and find out when our next FREE Sales Revolution Seminar is in your City. Go to and…

Why Have a Sales Revolution in Your Business

RevUP Your Sales with a Sales Revolution


Talking ‘bout a Revolution… Evolution.. Devolution…. New solutions…No pollutions..

What kind of revolutions are you after in your business?

A slow revolution or a fast revolution? Evolution.. Devolution.. No pollution (of old thinking)


A revolution will be a change to the status quo.. An attack on the status quo and ‘sameness…’

A change, a reform to systems, structures, processes, thinking and old, outdated ways of doing things..


If you’re dissatisfied with your present result different set of results… If you want a revolution in your results chances are, you’ll need a revolution to your doing things..


It will mean a shaking up of the old systems will mean the death of some sacred cows..


‘Revolution is not something fixed in ideology nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit

–Abbie Hoffman, American author and activist

Business Success Statistics That Will Shock and Excite You

I found this great list from Social Selling Expert Koka Sexton on LinkedIn.

Very powerful and informative. I just had to share it with you to help you with your Business Success.

Use it in your next Sales and Business  meeting.

See how you can use it with your team because achieving success begins with your niche.

The Relationship Factor in Business

The secret to building long term, profitable relationships in business is to be
constantly aiming to be of value and of service to your client.

People do not maintain business relationships just because you are a nice, friendly
person who can tell a good joke or have a nice smile.

Time is precious, so people prefer to do profi table business with people they like.
That way, you can both have fun and profi t at the same time.

5 Powerful Sales RevUP Tools

Your 90 Day Sales RevUP Campaign (Continued from previous blog on my Sales RevUP One Day Sales Accelerator Process) Having mapped out 5 Powerful Sales RevUP Tools for the group I then got them down to work on their 90 Day Powerful Sales RevUP Campaign I got them using my Powerful Sales RevUP Campaign Fishbone…

The Big Lie Causing White Collar Sales Disasters

The Big Lie That Leads To White Collar Sales Disaster There are 100,000’s of white collar professionals out there in the marketplace. Engineers, Accountants,Lawyers, Doctors, Surveyors, Telecoms Experts, HR Professionals, Marketing and Media Experts, Communications, Interior Design, Graphic Arts, IT, Valuers, etc etc… In 99.9% of the courses they do, not one minute is spent…