Sales Training Lesson # 37: What I learnt about Sales Systems from Getting My Car Serviced Yesterday

Sales Training Lesson for Anyone and Everyone who Wants Revenue Optimised

I had my car serviced yesterday.salesrevupdaybanner

I’ve been there before…

I knew there was work to be done..bettersaleschecklist

I also knew that Pravin was a Master of Sales and Service – especially the Add On and Upsell.

He is a Master Revenue Generator.

Pravin is the Nissan Service Advisor at the dealership I bought my Lexus 2 years ago.

I’m super happy with my Lexus. But it needed a service.


Here is what happened.

What You’ll get from this 7 minute video

1. Ideas on a better Sales System

2. How to get people to spend more than they thought (and still feel good about it..)

3. How to get consistency and predictability from your Sales efforts

4. How to make sure clients feel they are getting a good deal – every time