How One Idea Put $2 Million into Paul’s Sales Pipeline

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Managers, do they act as Obstacles or Obstacle removers? “Manager’s job in terms of management, is to remove the obstacles that stop their people giving good service,” said Jim Nordstrom, Chairman of retailing giant, Nordstrom. Managers, in some companies you’d think were there to get in the way…they just seem to do everything possible to…

Sales Management Lifesaver Seminar

Sales Managers Wanting to Scream??

If you’re a Sales Manager I’m sure there have been times when you have wanted to scream…

Scream or pull your hair out??

Or at least put your face in your hands in frustration??

Scream at the activity levels your team are doing..

Scream at the excuses given..

Scream the results your team are serving up to you.

That’s why I have created the Sales Management Lifesaver Seminar..

There are at least 4 Key areas you need to focus on to solve this problem.

There is new science to help you..

Don’t scream, get even..

Don’t scream, take action..

Check out this short video to discover some of the answers..

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Sales Management Success Tip #4: Scientific Sales Planning Leads to Super Successful Sales Results

How Good is Your Sales Planning?


‘Where you aim is where you get’ so the Success Proverb goes..

How good is your Sales Aiming System?

If you’re in Sales Management you need an effective Sales Planning System.

You need to include Effective, Scientific Sales Planning into your regular Sales Training.

Questions to get you thinking:

How well do you use Sales Results Statistics?
Do you collect the right Statistics?

How accepting and positive are your sales people about the use of Sales Planning and Sales Statistics?

It works..

It really works..

And here is proof..

How to Turn a Burnt Out Underperformer into a Sales Champion

Sales Turnaround – Sales Coaching Gold:

From Tipping Out to Topping

This is a story of Sales Transformation.

A Sales Coaches delight.

I will keep this Sales Athlete’s identity a secret..

But it’s a great story of someone who was at the bottom of their Sales game..

Not so much Sales Training as Sales Management Lesson.

Unhealthy, depressed, ashen faced..

Then.. three months later…

Happy, healthy, making great money… and at the top of the Sales Results Ladder…

Almost double the sales results of the next person on the team..

Here is the story and the secret to the turnaround…

A must for every Sales Professional and Sales Manager..

2.59 minutes that will change your sales in the next 90 days if you use it..

How Sex, Action, Customer Survey's and Customer Experience are all Important Keys in 2014

3 Lessons to Kick Off 2014 including a Controversial One on the Power of Sex and Customer Feedback at  Your Company

I’m doing my best to get back into the working year of 2014…

How are you going with that?

3 key lessons from the last 30 days….to help you kick off 2014


I’ve just got off the phone to Mr. ‘Action Man’ Paul Ramsay of Travel and Sports Australia.paul ramsay.jpg

He is fired up..

He is using my Sales Planning tools and Sales Planning Systems to get his team focused and fired up for 2014.

They are listening to my CD’s and discussing them in Team meetings.

Sales Training Lesson #214: Harvey Keitel Inspires White Collar Sales Wolf to Fix Sales Messes and Money Making Mistakes

Why Hire a Wolf NOT a Seagull

Sales Training Confession #42: Sometimes I feel like Harvey Keitel’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction – Winston Wolfe – the Wolf…wolfsolveproblems.jpg

I often feel like a White Collar Sales or Management Wolf..

I get called into sales training, Sales Management,  business situations, and often asked to:

  • Clean this s…t up
  • Fix it..
  • Get me out of trouble
  • Help me get more leads
  • Help us convert more proposals into closed deals
  • Help us present this Pitch so we win the deal..
  • Help get this team working well again..

Just yesterday I spent a morning with 3 highly experienced White Collar professionals who have a great product and service, great track record helping manufacturing and production companies make and save millions of dollars.

The White Collar Sales Training Problem – they have no leads or deals in their Revenue Pipeline.

Sales Training Lesson #213: What I learnt about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot

How can you have a Sales Training Lesson about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot?

In this quick email

  • How to know you’re not crash landing (above or on the ground…)
  • What I learnt at swim training Saturday morning
  • the 3 M’s in Successful Management
  • How and why to minimise Flat Spots
I knew I was heading down to Bunbury for a 50th this weekend so I didn’t have much time..
I wanted to share with you the lessons of the past week and help set you up for success in the week coming..
So, after swim training, and a quick surf to try out my new board, I recorded this short video..

Sales Training from the BBC and How to Stop Smart People Doing Dumb Things


Its 7.15 on a Sunday morning.

My dog Ebony is snoring in her basket in front of me as I sit here with the heater on and my laptop on my lap..

I’ve been up doing an admin job that fits in with the time management principle – ‘Do the job you don’t like doing FIRST..’

It’s worked for me again..

Job Done.. tick…

So now.. a note to you with some learning’s I got last week that I think will help you this week..


  • Lessons from helpful customers
  • Customer catalyzed innovation for tough times and business breakthroughs
  • Lessons from a BBC TV show you really should check out
  • The big mistake in selling professional services
  • How to prevent very smart people doing dumb, costly things

Two Sales Training Lessons from Gary Ablett Jnr and Adelaide Crows for YOU and YOUR Business..

Sales Training Lessons from Gary Ablett Jnr and the Adelaide Crows


I was watching the pre game analysis on TV while I was having my muesli this morning..

It was the AFL Gold Coast v Adelaide game..

(Now before you Rugby and Soccer fans turn off.. hear me out.. there are some valuable lessons in here..)

I’ve been watching football on TV for over 30 year but this morning there were two very interesting things I’d never seen before..

Both have great relevance to your success in business

What’s Your Business Heat Map?

One of the things that really got me was this thing called ‘The Heat Map..’