Shocking Wolf of Wall Street Movie Reveals 14 Sales Secrets for Anyone in Business who Wants MORE Sales.


If you can get beyond the moral war zone that is the movie WOLF OF WALL STREET you will find at least 14 powerful Sales Lessons that made Jordon Belfort billions..

wolfad photoPeople have kept asking me ‘have you seen THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, Leigh?’

‘What did you think of it?’ they would prod.

So here is my answer — and how to turn the Negatives of the Wolf into a Positive for YOU.

Check out this short video to get the insights..

Management Lesson # 35: AC/DC and How to Discover the Hidden Diamonds in Your Business

I’ve just got off the phone from talking to one of my oldest mates in Sydney.

(We met at Intervarsity Water Polo in 1976. He was MC at my wedding and I was MC at his.. We go back a long way.)

So I had to share a story with him about the gig we (our band Flipside) played for FMG last night down on Langley Park on the river in Perth.

Over the years my mate had been a bit of a mentor to me so I jokingly said to him

‘Why didn’t you tell me to pick up the guitar earlier?’

(I didn’t start to play until I was 40)

But now… back to the story….

There we were last night in the band playing our last song (AC/DC ‘ Jailbreak’).

About 500 people on the dance floor going bananas.

Someone screamed out ‘Do an Angus. Get your shirt off…’

So I did…

What the heck!!??

A 55 year old man, father of 3, married for 25 years morphing into an 18 year old again..

Was I being a lunatic? Was I caught up in the moment? Was I just being part of who I really am? (Doctor, Doctor, help me out here??)

So what’s this got to do with you?

Know Me or Lose Me

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