Sales Revolutions need Revolutionary Sales Leadership

I wrote this article for my hard copy Sales RevUP newsletter when we were doing a Sales Training/ Organisational Development programme with Community Newspaper Group. That programme went on to win the LearnX Best Sales Training in the Asia Pacific. Christine has been recognised for her success at Community Newspaper Group and has since moved…

Shocking Wolf of Wall Street Movie Reveals 14 Sales Secrets for Anyone in Business who Wants MORE Sales.


If you can get beyond the moral war zone that is the movie WOLF OF WALL STREET you will find at least 14 powerful Sales Lessons that made Jordon Belfort billions..

wolfad photoPeople have kept asking me ‘have you seen THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, Leigh?’

‘What did you think of it?’ they would prod.

So here is my answer — and how to turn the Negatives of the Wolf into a Positive for YOU.

Check out this short video to get the insights..

Sales Training RevUP #2: 4 minutes to Get You on the Right Path to More Conversions

4 Minutes to Power Your Sales Conversion onto the Right Path.

I had finished the day in another boardroom in Perth..

It was a day about ‘Discovering and Addressing Client Needs..’

I wanted to share with you a quick summary.

You’ll discover 5 quick tips in this 4 minute Sales Coaching Strategy RevUP.

Strategic RevUP = Strategic Power Coaching to get Your Sales Revenue UP..FAST..

Make notes on:

1. Power Questions

2. Colour Zone Selling

3. The Rule of 3

4. October 5th Sales RevUP Day in Perth

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Sales Training Lesson #213: What I learnt about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot

How can you have a Sales Training Lesson about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot?

In this quick email

  • How to know you’re not crash landing (above or on the ground…)
  • What I learnt at swim training Saturday morning
  • the 3 M’s in Successful Management
  • How and why to minimise Flat Spots
I knew I was heading down to Bunbury for a 50th this weekend so I didn’t have much time..
I wanted to share with you the lessons of the past week and help set you up for success in the week coming..
So, after swim training, and a quick surf to try out my new board, I recorded this short video..