Sales Management Success Tip #4: Scientific Sales Planning Leads to Super Successful Sales Results

How Good is Your Sales Planning?


‘Where you aim is where you get’ so the Success Proverb goes..

How good is your Sales Aiming System?

If you’re in Sales Management you need an effective Sales Planning System.

You need to include Effective, Scientific Sales Planning into your regular Sales Training.

Questions to get you thinking:

How well do you use Sales Results Statistics?
Do you collect the right Statistics?

How accepting and positive are your sales people about the use of Sales Planning and Sales Statistics?

It works..

It really works..

And here is proof..

Sales Training Lesson #23.5: Why Ego and BS need to be left at the door

Sales Training Insight: The Stats Don’t Lie, but People Do….(especially to themselves..)

You don’t have to be a sales training genius to get this..Sales KPI's As a Business Owner, Sales Manager or Business Development person, you already know that Sales Success does require a little bit of resilience… persistence… self belief and dare I say it – Ego..

I’ve called this Sales Training Lesson #23.5 because it deals with that in between, twilight area of ego, thoughts, belief systems and things you sometimes just can’t put your finger on – yet make all the difference.

In this short video I cover some great insights from this weeks coaching. It deals with: