Why Do Sales Training? 3 Very Good Reasons

What I Just Had to Say About Sales Training After a Meeting with a Prospect This Week

Way too many companies think Sales Training is like the Easter Bunny…. It comes once a year..

Any A Grade Player knows they need to train daily if not at least 3 or 4 times per week.


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Why Invest 10 minutes looking in the Mirror at Your Business..?

Business Coach Lessons from Water Polo Training to Take Sales and Business Results to New Levels

How the ‘Let’s See If..’ Business Coach Strategy Can Work in Your Business

I’ve just come back from coaching my Masters water polo team this morning..

and I had an idea that I used at training I think you can use with your team.

You see,  it’s important in water polo (like so many other sports and businesses) to pass the ball cleanly..

Cleanly means when you get it, you can do something with it quickly, accurately, strategically; to put your team to advantage.

Not so cleanly means it’s in the wrong spot or misses you completely.

So the whole flow of the movement breaks down (and the opposition have a chance to recover.)

Why Swift, Clean Movement?

Sales Training Lesson #23.5: Why Ego and BS need to be left at the door

Sales Training Insight: The Stats Don’t Lie, but People Do….(especially to themselves..)

You don’t have to be a sales training genius to get this..Sales KPI's As a Business Owner, Sales Manager or Business Development person, you already know that Sales Success does require a little bit of resilience… persistence… self belief and dare I say it – Ego..

I’ve called this Sales Training Lesson #23.5 because it deals with that in between, twilight area of ego, thoughts, belief systems and things you sometimes just can’t put your finger on – yet make all the difference.

In this short video I cover some great insights from this weeks coaching. It deals with:

Sales Training RevUP #2: 4 minutes to Get You on the Right Path to More Conversions

4 Minutes to Power Your Sales Conversion onto the Right Path.

I had finished the day in another boardroom in Perth..

It was a day about ‘Discovering and Addressing Client Needs..’

I wanted to share with you a quick summary.

You’ll discover 5 quick tips in this 4 minute Sales Coaching Strategy RevUP.

Strategic RevUP = Strategic Power Coaching to get Your Sales Revenue UP..FAST..

Make notes on:

1. Power Questions

2. Colour Zone Selling

3. The Rule of 3

4. October 5th Sales RevUP Day in Perth

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Sales Coaching Lesson #34: Is there a Golden 30 seconds in Selling?

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Perth today and thanks to CHOGM we have a long weekend..

I’m about to race off to Water Polo training but I wanted to share with you some of the lessons from this weeks Sales Coaching in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.


I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the slides and notes for next weekends Sales Management Masterclass here in Perth (and I’ve got to say, I’m very excited about the difference I’m going to create to those Sales Management leaders who have made the commitment to be there..)

Some questions for you..

Sales Coaching Lesson # 12: How the Volvo Got Me Thinking about Your Sales Results

I am in Geelong this morning (in wet, rainy,but very green Victoria).

Besides the fact that my mate Max has 3 replica AFL Premiership cups on his study bookshelf, he also reminded me of valuable coaching lesson over the weekend.

Max’s wife Jan drives a Volvo and Max drives a Holden.

As we were driving around in the car, he kept turning on the windscreen wipers every time he wanted to use the blinker..

(Have you ever done that???)

He was so used to driving one car, that when he got in the other car, he was wired up, conditioned, trained to use the left lever as the blinker not the right (or vice versa).

It reminded me of a sales team I am doing Sales Coaching with back in Perth who have been answering the phones and taking the orders the same way for many years.

They have been conditioned, wired, habitualised to do it that way for at least the last 3 or 4 years.

Now the boss wants to get them to change.

Sales Training Lesson #76: Why WAKE UP and Not Be a Self Obsessed Bore

I was on the phone with a client today who was telling me a story of a meeting he and a senior colleague went to this week..
It was an important meeting with a large company they were looking to do more business with.
He had been working on the relationship for the past 6 months.
Things had been going well..
Then, in one foul swoop, the colleague stuffs it all up..

How to Stuff Up a Prospect Meeting…. (Don’t Try this at home folks.. It takes practice..)

Sales Training Lesson #35: More Leadership Lessons from Wayne Bennett, a Priest and Confucius

Beautiful sunny day here in Perth…

Having a lazy start to the day after a mate’s 50th Birthday party last night..

It was an 80’s theme so everyone dressed in 80’s gear..

Everyone from Adam Ant to Indiana Jones and Madonna (look alikes) showed up..

The speeches reflected on my mates journey over the past 50 years and especially the memories and joys since the 1980’s..

When was the last time you heard Princes ‘1999’ song.. and remembered when you first heard it and it seemed like centuries away when it would be 1999..?

Time flies by..

Adam Ant is probably a grandfather by now.. and like one of my other mates last night who had a black wig with ponytail and dark sunnies (his wife said he looked like a Big Slav)… hairlines and waistlines can and do change..

So what’s that got to do with you and your business?

Read on…