Sales Training Lesson #214: Harvey Keitel Inspires White Collar Sales Wolf to Fix Sales Messes and Money Making Mistakes

Why Hire a Wolf NOT a Seagull

Sales Training Confession #42: Sometimes I feel like Harvey Keitel’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction – Winston Wolfe – the Wolf…wolfsolveproblems.jpg

I often feel like a White Collar Sales or Management Wolf..

I get called into sales training, Sales Management,  business situations, and often asked to:

  • Clean this s…t up
  • Fix it..
  • Get me out of trouble
  • Help me get more leads
  • Help us convert more proposals into closed deals
  • Help us present this Pitch so we win the deal..
  • Help get this team working well again..

Just yesterday I spent a morning with 3 highly experienced White Collar professionals who have a great product and service, great track record helping manufacturing and production companies make and save millions of dollars.

The White Collar Sales Training Problem – they have no leads or deals in their Revenue Pipeline.

Sales Training RevUP #2: 4 minutes to Get You on the Right Path to More Conversions

4 Minutes to Power Your Sales Conversion onto the Right Path.

I had finished the day in another boardroom in Perth..

It was a day about ‘Discovering and Addressing Client Needs..’

I wanted to share with you a quick summary.

You’ll discover 5 quick tips in this 4 minute Sales Coaching Strategy RevUP.

Strategic RevUP = Strategic Power Coaching to get Your Sales Revenue UP..FAST..

Make notes on:

1. Power Questions

2. Colour Zone Selling

3. The Rule of 3

4. October 5th Sales RevUP Day in Perth

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