Sales Training Lesson #124: Why Life and Death is an important Topic in Selling

What a week..

Australia is out of the World Cup of Soccer (or Football depending on what you call it)

Australia has a new Prime Minister – our First Female Prime Minister

One of my clients almost lost her cat but it has survived (with the help of a very unusual operation..)

And what have these events got to do with Sales Training?


We were smashed 4-0 by Germany yet we go on and play Ghana and Serbia, and under incredible pressure (red cards, one man down, no Tim Cahill), we draw against Ghana and win against Serbia (who had beaten Germany).

How can it be?

How can a team get beaten 4-0 then beat the team that beat that team?

Is it the same team?

Sales Training Lesson #76: Why WAKE UP and Not Be a Self Obsessed Bore

I was on the phone with a client today who was telling me a story of a meeting he and a senior colleague went to this week..
It was an important meeting with a large company they were looking to do more business with.
He had been working on the relationship for the past 6 months.
Things had been going well..
Then, in one foul swoop, the colleague stuffs it all up..

How to Stuff Up a Prospect Meeting…. (Don’t Try this at home folks.. It takes practice..)