Sales Training Lesson #48: Why Celebrate at Easter, Psych Tests and Super Closer Science

Happy Easter Sunday..

In the Christian world it is a day to celebrate re-birth… new life.. aliveness..

I am presently at one of my favorite places on Earth..

Denmark, West Australia.. (here is a shot of me about to do some celebration of life down there..)

In fact.. I got some of the Best Waves of the Year down here this morning..

And this afternoon I will be at my mates Garry and Leanne’s Cellar Door sipping a chilled Unwooded Chardonnay…

You must visit The Lake House Winery if you ever come down here.. check out

But talking of re-birth.. new life…

Check out the new layout of our Blue Rocket website.. and read the lessons that have come from our week leading into Easter… go to

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but read on…..


Our New Sales Science Seminar on Monday night was an absolute HIT..

One client said:

‘I bought a bloke new to sales along and he couldn’t stop talking all the way back to Bunbury..
he was so fired up.. and learnt so much… THANKS..’

Another client said:

‘Your Shock and Awe Lead Generation strategy and how you apply it was something we never, ever thought of..’

We will be running another New Sales Science Seminar again in the next 90 days..

When we set the date we’ll let you know..