How to Double Sales Productivity

Real Estate General Manager talks about doubling a Sales Rep’s Productivity Sales Productivity and being able to double it. It is important to find out what you are going to learn in the Sales Management field especially in terms of being productive. Scott Fletcher, a Real Estate General Manager talks about how they work on…

Sales Training Christmas Lessons and 7 Power Productivity Tips for the New Year

Christmas Giving and 7 Power Tips for 2014 Productivity in Your Business LeighXmas-facehat


It’s Christmas time and I’m in the spirit of Christmas..

I read a quote in Dan Kennedy’s ‘No BS Wealth Attraction in the New Economy’ from Dr Edward Kramer (author of “Synchromatics and inventor of the ‘Thank-U-Gram”) which struck me…

‘The hole you give through is the hole you receive through…’

It makes great sense doesn’t it.. How can you receive in greater quantities than you give?

And the goal of giving is not to expect anything in return…

So in the spirit of giving in the season of giving, I just wanted to send you my ‘all the best to you and your family’ Christmas wishes…


Talking of receiving, I’ve just received a lovely gift from Ben Wendell and Zac Nelles at Newsletter Marketing Systems. They ran a very innovative Referral Competition (which I didn’t even know I was in..).

You could do something similar in the New Year.

Check out how they did the draw here