Flying Your Sales and Business for Predictable Success

Blackburne Property Group CEO Darren Cooper gave me a lesson in safety and predictable success when he invited me to go flying with him recently.

The sky was a perfect cloudless blue. There was almost no wind and Darren had told me he was a stunt Pilot, so I was just a little nervous about what might ensue.

As it works out we were in a perfectly normal 4 seater SkyHawk and we were just flying for an hour or two down to Mandurah and back and doing a few take off and landings.

The Numbers Tell The Story You Need To Know

#1You only measure results – Did we win or lose? Did we make money or not?

#2You only measure process – How many inside 50’s? How many shots did we take? How many appointments did you make last week? How many phone calls did you do? How many proposals did you submit last month? How many hours did you work (or bill)?

#3 – Or You can measure both. Which one of these choices do you make?

Sales Innovation: There is NO 'i' in Pitch

This is a post to do with Innovation of Your Pitch Process..
It’s in the Sales and Marketing realm of your business… and when you get it right, you hit the goldstream…
I just got an sms yesterday from client and friend Mark Antonio at DMD Shelving Direct..
It was news we had been waiting on for the past few days…
It was good news… NO.. make that GREAT news..
Mark and the team had just won the biggest contract of their lives… fitting out one of, if not THE, BIGGEST warehouse in Western Australia.
Victory… it’s a wonderful feeling..
They had been up against some of the biggest companies in their industry…YET, they WON..
‘How did they do it?’ you ask…