Leadership Lesson #12: What the Melbourne Cup and Barack Obama's Win Reveals for You as a Leader

What a week it was last week..

On Tuesday I came back to the office and turned on the TV to watch a great run in the Melbourne Cup. Green Moon’s run and the jockeys exuberance after the race were inspirational.

Here’s an exercise..


Let’s deconstruct what the winning jockey Brett Prebble said after the race..

“It’s a lifelong dream. I was very confident at the mile, then at the 1200m I thought the only thing that could get him beaten was his stamina if he didn’t stay the trip, but the feeling he was giving me at the 1200 was the sort of feeling you only get from very good horses. I’ve been very fortunate to ride some champions and he’s up there in the top 10.”

Where are the clues to leadership, winning and success in here?

Let me give you my thoughts.

Leadership Lesson #3: How to Cope as the World Looms on the Financial Brink

On a Monday morning as the world looms on the Financial Brink I just wanted to help you if I could..
Obama and the team are fighting it out in the White House with the Republicans.
Will they be able to stave off the debt crisis?
Will they default on their debt payments?
Just to put you in the picture in case you didn’t know (Source thewest.com.au )