Marketing Lesson #24: What Word Do You Own?

What  a week?
What a day?
What a last hour?
Or more the point..
What have Apple and Nic Naitanui got in common?
Let’s Reverse Engineer this..
I’ve just raced upstairs having watched part of the second quarter of the Melbourne vs West Coast Eagles game..
Nic Naitanui just did another move that made me gasp… shout.. jump up and down like a little school kid..
Ebley’s running down the wing..takes a shot from 50metres.. it goes wide.. Naitanui goes for the mark, only gets one hand to it. Taps it down.. he roves it himself. Picks it up with one hand, blind turns out of the pack and snaps a stunning over the shoulder goal..
What word does Nic Naitanui own?