Sales Training Lesson #31: How to Close More Deals by Asking Better Questions

Wayne and Mary recently went to a Financial Planner.

They had some Superannuation, some Life Insurance and a few other bits and pieces, but basically, their finances were all over the shop..

To Wayne’s pleasant surprise, the Financial Planner asked if he could ask a few questions, some of which might be a bit personal, (but then again, if you’re talking finances, it probably needed to get personal).

Barry (the Financial Planner) took out a document that looked about 10 or more pages and began working his way through.

He’d ask a question, get an answer, share a bit about himself or other clients in similar positions, then he’d ask another question.

The interesting thing about it from Mary and Wayne’s point of view was that Barry was helping them get insights into their finances they hadn’t had for years.

Barry had at last got them working ON their finances rather than being at the EFFECT OF their finances.

Barry was leading them to the inevitable conclusion that they had to take some serious action… and NOW..

So what is the sales training lesson in this for you in your business?