Inside Secrets to Personal Best Elicitation for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

If you’re going to get the best out of people – help them beat their Personal Best (PB’s) you need to have an understanding of basic Psychology.

You need to understand how to use the power of influence, how to motivate, encourage and challenge the best out of yourself and others.

People like public praise and acknowledgment – especially extroverts.

Sales Training Lesson #213: What I learnt about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot

How can you have a Sales Training Lesson about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot?

In this quick email

  • How to know you’re not crash landing (above or on the ground…)
  • What I learnt at swim training Saturday morning
  • the 3 M’s in Successful Management
  • How and why to minimise Flat Spots
I knew I was heading down to Bunbury for a 50th this weekend so I didn’t have much time..
I wanted to share with you the lessons of the past week and help set you up for success in the week coming..
So, after swim training, and a quick surf to try out my new board, I recorded this short video..

Sales Training from the BBC and How to Stop Smart People Doing Dumb Things


Its 7.15 on a Sunday morning.

My dog Ebony is snoring in her basket in front of me as I sit here with the heater on and my laptop on my lap..

I’ve been up doing an admin job that fits in with the time management principle – ‘Do the job you don’t like doing FIRST..’

It’s worked for me again..

Job Done.. tick…

So now.. a note to you with some learning’s I got last week that I think will help you this week..


  • Lessons from helpful customers
  • Customer catalyzed innovation for tough times and business breakthroughs
  • Lessons from a BBC TV show you really should check out
  • The big mistake in selling professional services
  • How to prevent very smart people doing dumb, costly things

Sales Training Lessons from The Maldives and Maitland that WILL win YOU More Business

Maldives and Maitland Sales Training Lessons for You and the Team


It’s been a while since I wrote to you..(As I re-read this, you might want to read it a couple of times…)I’ve just got back from 10 days surfing in the Maldives with my son and some of my old mates..And in the last 24 hours I’ve run a workshop in Perth plus spoke to a high performing franchise in Maitland for one of my clients.. 

The Sales Training lessons I’m talking about here include:

  1. Achieving goals
  2. Conversion rates
  3. Retention rates
  4. Learning and embedding critical key Business Development skills

Motivation Lesson #4: What You can Learn from Sting, Parko and my old mate Neil about The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox

What You can Learn about Motivation from Sting, Parko and Neil. Discovering The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox at Our Age..

by Leigh Farnell

I’m a day or two late with this post.. But it’s not a question of motivation.

Have been wrapped in cotton wool recovering from a bout of the flu..

But while recouperating, have been watching documentaries on my apple tv and reading..

Here are some  quotes I’ve been hit with over the past few days I wanted to share with help with your motivation, inspiration and learning.


Sting is one of my heroes, role models, mentors (or just call me a starry eyed groupie…in the non sexual way that is..)

I was Youtubing Sting clips last week and came across an interview he did for the Sunrise programme recently..

When Mel asked him ‘what motivates you to keep so fit and trim at age 60?’ he replies..

‘It’s a combination of discipline … and vanity…’

I thought, what a great answer? What a great combination of motivators..

Discipline and Vanity..Motivation and You..