Why Have a Sales Revolution in Your Business

RevUP Your Sales with a Sales Revolution


Talking ‘bout a Revolution… Evolution.. Devolution…. New solutions…No pollutions..

What kind of revolutions are you after in your business?

A slow revolution or a fast revolution? Evolution.. Devolution.. No pollution (of old thinking)


A revolution will be a change to the status quo.. An attack on the status quo and ‘sameness…’

A change, a reform to systems, structures, processes, thinking and old, outdated ways of doing things..


If you’re dissatisfied with your present result different set of results… If you want a revolution in your results chances are, you’ll need a revolution to your doing things..


It will mean a shaking up of the old systems will mean the death of some sacred cows..


‘Revolution is not something fixed in ideology nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit

–Abbie Hoffman, American author and activist

Business Success Statistics That Will Shock and Excite You

I found this great list from Social Selling Expert Koka Sexton on LinkedIn.

Very powerful and informative. I just had to share it with you to help you with your Business Success.

Use it in your next Sales and Business  meeting.

See how you can use it with your team because achieving success begins with your niche.

Jump And The Net Will Appear – Lessons from Steve Jobs and Billy Thorpe on Marketing and Innovation

This is an article on Theatre, Rock Music, Computing gurus, you and me.

The common link in these themes are Marketing and Innovation (and taking leaps of Faith).

Innovation means taking a new idea and putting it into action.

Innovation isn’t just coming up with the idea.

It’s having the courage to take the leap of faith and put the idea into action – to take the idea from the metaphysical and make it physical.

8 Power Tips on Attracting a Huge Crowd with Your Next Marketing Strategy

8 Power Legend Tips and 6 Questions on Giant Sized Force of Attraction for Your Business

The Giants in Perth have come and gone..giants  perth.jpg
They certainly lived up to their hype..
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Crowds of 300,000 and 400,000 saw the Giants – each day of the 3 day visit..
1.4 million people in 3 days.
Certainly good for the bars, restaurants and shops of Perth.


How to Win More Leads Using Purple Cow Marketing Lead Generation Strategies

Stop Being Beige and Start Purple Cow Lead Generation in Your Business

I’ve got about 5 other things I should be doing right now but I just had to get this message out to you..UNIQUE2.gif

It’s because of 3 powerful thought starters on something about as important as Oxygen..

No matter what survey on business challenges I look at…



‘If only I had more leads I would have more Sales…’

Marketing Lesson #101: Reduce the Marketing Blind Spot and Magnetising Your Sales Message

It’s Sunday lunchtime — 12.38pm to be precise..

As you know, I sit down most Sundays to reflect on the week that was and ask myself the big question ‘what did I learn this week that might be of interest to other people in business?’

I’ve been to water polo training and had my two coffees, I’ve washed the cars (it was on my weekend list of things to do today) and now it’s time to reflect and share my weekly lessons with you.


The week started off with a meeting talking about my advertising and marketing.

A media executive asked me if he could be blunt and honest with me..

I said ‘of course..(and quoting from The One Minute Manager I said ‘FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.. so give me the feedback..’

So he did..

He says ‘I’ve looked at your website..and I have to say, ‘it’s crap..’

Innovation Tip #12: How to Cope with Carbon, Consumer Confidence and Other Important C Words in Business

Our good friends Jim and Alice offered me a wee whiskey last night when I went over to pick up James from band practice.

Alice is Scottish, so a small whiskey on a cold Saturday night is just something you do.

I’ve had about 3 whiskeys in my whole life. So it hits hard when you sip it straight.

As we sat round their kitchen table, Jim and I start talking business.

As Jim says, ‘It’s tough in retail….’

‘The banks are still holding up money…’

‘People aren’t spending…’

Yet on the Today Tonight programme during the week they were showing all the new millionaires who were making money on the internet.

The landscape is not the same for everyone.

Or is it?

And as I scan the Consumer Confidence figures from the Roy Morgan July survey,

Sales Training Lesson#58: Marketing Lessons from John Farnham

I’ve woken up this morning with a John Farnham song repeating in my head..

It doesn’t happen every morning… but it has this morning..

You see last night we were guests of my old mate Brad Mellen of Mellen Events here in Perth.

He was staging the second of the ‘Evening on the Green’ Concerts in Kings Park.

Australian music legends, Ross Wilson, Richard Clapton then John Farnham..

How to Look Backwards to Look Forward and Break a Million Sales Records

Collingwood has smashed St Kilda in the Grand Final Replay of 2010..

What happened??

My view.. in a nutshell summary.. and what can you and I learn from it in business?

When your main goal kicker is drawn way up the ground and there is no one inside your 50 metre zone.. you have trouble scoring..

Lessons for you and me in business… Have more than one person who can kick goals..

You want a multi streamed approach to kicking goals in your business..

Have more than one salesperson… more than one person who can deliver the bacon..

But there’s more…