5 Powerful Sales RevUP Tools

Your 90 Day Sales RevUP Campaign (Continued from previous blog on my Sales RevUP One Day Sales Accelerator Process) Having mapped out 5 Powerful Sales RevUP Tools for the group I then got them down to work on their 90 Day Powerful Sales RevUP Campaign I got them using my Powerful Sales RevUP Campaign Fishbone…

The Big Lie Causing White Collar Sales Disasters

The Big Lie That Leads To White Collar Sales Disaster There are 100,000’s of white collar professionals out there in the marketplace. Engineers, Accountants,Lawyers, Doctors, Surveyors, Telecoms Experts, HR Professionals, Marketing and Media Experts, Communications, Interior Design, Graphic Arts, IT, Valuers, etc etc… In 99.9% of the courses they do, not one minute is spent…

8 Power Tips on Attracting a Huge Crowd with Your Next Marketing Strategy

8 Power Legend Tips and 6 Questions on Giant Sized Force of Attraction for Your Business

The Giants in Perth have come and gone..giants  perth.jpg
They certainly lived up to their hype..
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Crowds of 300,000 and 400,000 saw the Giants – each day of the 3 day visit..
1.4 million people in 3 days.
Certainly good for the bars, restaurants and shops of Perth.