Marketing Lesson #101: Reduce the Marketing Blind Spot and Magnetising Your Sales Message

It’s Sunday lunchtime — 12.38pm to be precise..

As you know, I sit down most Sundays to reflect on the week that was and ask myself the big question ‘what did I learn this week that might be of interest to other people in business?’

I’ve been to water polo training and had my two coffees, I’ve washed the cars (it was on my weekend list of things to do today) and now it’s time to reflect and share my weekly lessons with you.


The week started off with a meeting talking about my advertising and marketing.

A media executive asked me if he could be blunt and honest with me..

I said ‘of course..(and quoting from The One Minute Manager I said ‘FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.. so give me the feedback..’

So he did..

He says ‘I’ve looked at your website..and I have to say, ‘it’s crap..’