What Too Many Managers Fear

What Too Many Managers and Employees Fear and 3 Steps to Deal with It

This all started with a lunch conversation with my darling daughter Caitlin.

She Manages a retail fashion store. It just happens to be the top performing store in the country.

She told me about a problem she was having.

I’ve heard this problem many times in many other organisations over the years.

Here is what I recommended she do.

Feedback And Blind Spots

I just completed a series of 13 question feedback sessions with several groups over the past few weeks as part of their ongoing Sales Team Development Training.

Each and every group talked about how valuable it was to get feedback from their co-workers and managers about:

• What they did well
• What they could do better
• How they made decisions
• How they managed time
• How they managed stress and multiple projects
• How they could relate and perform better with their teams

Sales Revolutions need Revolutionary Sales Leadership

I wrote this article for my hard copy Sales RevUP newsletter when we were doing a Sales Training/ Organisational Development programme with Community Newspaper Group. That programme went on to win the LearnX Best Sales Training in the Asia Pacific. Christine has been recognised for her success at Community Newspaper Group and has since moved…

Why Manage the Management Words You Let Come out of Your Mouth

What You can Learn from Ross Lyon and Buddha to Lead and Manage Better in Your Business

Let’s start with my main point right up front..buddha_sky_2_by_hanciong-d6cctvq


I am regularly inspired by the business and life lessons I get when reading the Sports section of the newspaper.

Take today for instance on page 71 of the West Australian newspaper.

Headline – ‘Threats Continue for Freo’s Defence.’

But that’s not the point.

It’s about the wording, the regular messages and philosophy coach Ross Lyon puts out to his team and the supporters.

‘We’re an anywhere, anytime team…’

‘We’re a “no excuses” club..’

Can you see how those words have a powerful impact on self esteem, self belief, self image and conversation of both players and supporters?

Words Do Shape People

Everyone has had leaders and mentors whose words have helped shaped their self image.

“You’re a good boy (or girl)..”

SMART Decision Making and 5 Tips on How to Avoid Making Dumb Decisions in Your Business

Do You Use SMART Decision Making?


Another week has zipped by..

And the week has demonstrated yet again the importance of knowing how to make good decisions in a company..

Decision Making is a skill.

Decision Making is a skill that can be learned, practiced, coached and improved.

In the absence of using Smart Decision Making discipline, a lot of dumb (and costly) decisions are made every day..

I’ve seen and heard the power and cost of making EDD’s and ULD’s..

I heard how one ULD cost over $200,000 and another caused a top performing, high revenue generator to walk and head straight over to the opposition..



I was talking to a guy last week (Chris the Sound guy at our gig last Friday night.. My band played a Primary School Christmas party at the Yokine Bowling Club…)

Sales Management Lesson #35: The Chain of Command in Successful Cashflow Systems

I was on the phone to one of my clients this week.

She was reporting back on some dynamics going on in her company.

In short, the Sales Team were under the pump, getting heat from the Sales Manager to achieve Stretch Sales Targets.

They were not happy.

Instead of talking about it with the Sales Manager, they were going straight to the GM.

Sounds fair enough..

Where there’s a Crack in the Chain of Command…

Problem was, not only was the GM listening to them, she was taking sides with them and consciously or subconsciously leaking out her doubts, thoughts, concerns about the Sales Manager to the Sales Team instead of talking directly to the Sales Manager.