Sales Training Lesson #58: How Walt Disney and Moet can Help You Break All Time Sales Records

Sunday morning and I’m feeling good..
Why? (and why are the people in this photo with Leigh smiling…..?)

Because last night Cath and I had a fantastic night with one of our clients..(and the people in this photo are team members of that client…)
Let me get it right.

The night wasn’t just with one client…

It was with the whole company and their team..and partners..about 40 or 50 people..
Mining People International had their Christmas Party last night.
On March 27th..

(Because December is so busy with other Christmas parties they save their BIG Christmas party for later in the New Year..good idea)

They took the whole of their team, teams partners and suppliers to Gold Class for a private showing of “Alice in Wonderland”… in 3D..

We had drinks and nibbles on arrival… then with all the numbers we had 2 cinemas exclusive to ourselves.. (those big chairs in Gold Class are so comfy).. we put on the 3D glasses… the movie was brilliant…food and drinks were served during the movie.. then we had drinks and desserts in the private area at the end..
Top shelf night.. everyone had a wonderful time..

I can hear some of you saying ‘it must have cost them a fortune!!!’


Sales Training Lesson #38: Why Tell the Truth, Play Hard and Do What it Takes

It’s the Sunday after my 53rd birthday dinner on Friday night.. Recovered from that well yesterday then had a Father and son surf this morning up at Lancelin.. so a very good weekend all in all.. and off to AC/DC concert tomorrow night… just to top it all off.. (talking of AC/DC if you haven’t…