Jump And The Net Will Appear – Lessons from Steve Jobs and Billy Thorpe on Marketing and Innovation

This is an article on Theatre, Rock Music, Computing gurus, you and me.

The common link in these themes are Marketing and Innovation (and taking leaps of Faith).

Innovation means taking a new idea and putting it into action.

Innovation isn’t just coming up with the idea.

It’s having the courage to take the leap of faith and put the idea into action – to take the idea from the metaphysical and make it physical.

Have AC/DC Become Business Coaches?

Why I was Motivated by AC/DC’s New ‘ROCK OR BUST’ Video Clip

Hi fellow AC/DC Fan or Business Growth Seeker…


In the past week I have done at least 6 things that reinforce the importance of the ROCK OR BUST Theme:
  1. Coached three different experienced Sales Teams to sell better, smarter and more strategically than before using New Science Persuasion Strategies they either didn’t know about before or had forgotten that they did know them.
  2. Met with two great guys who are moving from one career to another to discuss how they could keep Rocking On and using their gifts and talents to achieve their personal and financial goals
  3. Planned a whole new Business Innovation programme for a new client
  4. Planned my Christmas break with the family
  5. Updated my now famous R Factor – Relationship Marketing in the Digital Age Home Study programme
  6. Watched the AFL re-invigorate the International Rules Football with a great game Ireland v Australia (with around 40,000 others at Subi Oval last Saturday night..)

Rock or Bust…?

Leadership Lesson # 39: Why Ode to the Crazy Ones?

I’m reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson at the moment..

I find myself getting inspired.. angry.. inspired.. angry..

Inspired about his incredible achievements..

Angry about the way he treated people – even those very close to him.

It really is a rollercoaster ride about a very complex but driven person, who really has,
as he used to say ‘made a dent in the Universe’

Innovation Tip #12: How to Cope with Carbon, Consumer Confidence and Other Important C Words in Business

Our good friends Jim and Alice offered me a wee whiskey last night when I went over to pick up James from band practice.

Alice is Scottish, so a small whiskey on a cold Saturday night is just something you do.

I’ve had about 3 whiskeys in my whole life. So it hits hard when you sip it straight.

As we sat round their kitchen table, Jim and I start talking business.

As Jim says, ‘It’s tough in retail….’

‘The banks are still holding up money…’

‘People aren’t spending…’

Yet on the Today Tonight programme during the week they were showing all the new millionaires who were making money on the internet.

The landscape is not the same for everyone.

Or is it?

And as I scan the Consumer Confidence figures from the Roy Morgan July survey,

Sales Innovation: There is NO 'i' in Pitch

This is a post to do with Innovation of Your Pitch Process..
It’s in the Sales and Marketing realm of your business… and when you get it right, you hit the goldstream…
I just got an sms yesterday from client and friend Mark Antonio at DMD Shelving Direct..
It was news we had been waiting on for the past few days…
It was good news… NO.. make that GREAT news..
Mark and the team had just won the biggest contract of their lives… fitting out one of, if not THE, BIGGEST warehouse in Western Australia.
Victory… it’s a wonderful feeling..
They had been up against some of the biggest companies in their industry…YET, they WON..
‘How did they do it?’ you ask…

Sales Training Lesson #567: Why People Buy and Why People Don't Buy

A presentation by a friend of ours, Steve McGurk… using a new technology that moves beyond ‘Death by Powerpoint’ called Prezi.

Wow.. it allows you to scan in and out and move around a presentation rather than have to move slide by slide and linearly…

Steve has put several powerful Youtube presentations and a powerful TED talk on ‘Challenging the Status Quo and Innovation..’

Here are some of the great points I got from the presentation.

Sales Training Lesson #23: Two Ears, One Mouth and the Gold in Client Feedback

I’ve just finished putting a new page on this web site..

It’s a page that outlines a service we have done for almost 25 years but had not articulated clearly enough on this site..

As with so many things, it’s so obvious… IN HINDSIGHT..

Why hadn’t we done it already?

How could I be so blind? So forgetful??

No need to spend too much time beating ourselves up…

Just fix it..

But where did the CATALYST FOR ACTION come from?

A client..