Inside Secrets to Personal Best Elicitation for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

If you’re going to get the best out of people – help them beat their Personal Best (PB’s) you need to have an understanding of basic Psychology.

You need to understand how to use the power of influence, how to motivate, encourage and challenge the best out of yourself and others.

People like public praise and acknowledgment – especially extroverts.

Why Manage the Management Words You Let Come out of Your Mouth

What You can Learn from Ross Lyon and Buddha to Lead and Manage Better in Your Business

Let’s start with my main point right up front..buddha_sky_2_by_hanciong-d6cctvq


I am regularly inspired by the business and life lessons I get when reading the Sports section of the newspaper.

Take today for instance on page 71 of the West Australian newspaper.

Headline – ‘Threats Continue for Freo’s Defence.’

But that’s not the point.

It’s about the wording, the regular messages and philosophy coach Ross Lyon puts out to his team and the supporters.

‘We’re an anywhere, anytime team…’

‘We’re a “no excuses” club..’

Can you see how those words have a powerful impact on self esteem, self belief, self image and conversation of both players and supporters?

Words Do Shape People

Everyone has had leaders and mentors whose words have helped shaped their self image.

“You’re a good boy (or girl)..”

Sales Training Lesson #124: Why Life and Death is an important Topic in Selling

What a week..

Australia is out of the World Cup of Soccer (or Football depending on what you call it)

Australia has a new Prime Minister – our First Female Prime Minister

One of my clients almost lost her cat but it has survived (with the help of a very unusual operation..)

And what have these events got to do with Sales Training?


We were smashed 4-0 by Germany yet we go on and play Ghana and Serbia, and under incredible pressure (red cards, one man down, no Tim Cahill), we draw against Ghana and win against Serbia (who had beaten Germany).

How can it be?

How can a team get beaten 4-0 then beat the team that beat that team?

Is it the same team?