Sales Management Lesson #24: The $300,000 Sales Coaching Ripple Effect

Sunday 12.39 – Perth.

Where do I start?

What a week this week?

Nationally, we’ve got the Labor Party Conference in Sydney with Gay Marriage dominating the agenda (although it’s the Nuclear Sales to India topic on the agenda today..)

Locally, its the Channel Seven Christmas Pageant (which cost me $120 parking fine last night for parking in a street they are using in the pageant today… Hope people enjoy the pageant. Lesson for Leigh about parking..

Yes, I have gone through the Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Frustration/Depression – Acceptance and now New World View process over this ticket.. Occasionally lapsing back into Anger.. But…)

Actually, as I think about it, we have people going through the exact same emotions over the Gay Marriage, Mining Tax and Carbon Tax issues as well… Although I’m not so sure we’re going to get to New World View on the Carbon Tax issue…)

The real lessons from the week..


In a coaching session with a Sales Manager during the week where this manager has taken action.

Paul Harris, Sales Manager at Hosch in Perth has overseen and managed a 300% growth over the past 3 years. He is by any measure, already incredibly successful.

But he wants to do better.

He came to the last Sales Management Masterclass, and he realised he had much still to learn.

He talked of the impact of the strategies from the Sales Management Masterclass not only impacting his Sales Team (in fact, one of them have left since he had a ‘sorting it out chat’ with him. He says he and the team now feel a massive weight has lifted off their shoulders.

As he put it, quoting an old Elvis Presley movie – ‘The Interference Has Left the Building.’