How Well do You Really Know Someone?

I just got off the phone from talking to an old mate of mine, Jon Doust.
Jon and I have known each other since the early 80’s.
We ran a highly successful ‘Humour Workshop’ at UWA for several years and even presented at the World Humour Conference one year.
I had just finished reading Jon’s highly acclaimed and Award winning book ‘Boy on a Wire’.
‘What’s the book about?’ I hear you ask..
The Age newspaper puts it way better than I could so here goes..
‘From the opening sentence, it is clear that we are in the presence of a writer with a distinctive voice and uncanny ability to capture the bewilderment and burgeoning anger of a boy struggling to remain true to himself while navigating the hypocritical system he finds himself trapped in … what makes Boy on a Wire much more than a bleak coming-of-age story is Doust’s sharp wit. “Justice not only prevails at Grammar School, it is rampant.” If you know an angry teenager, give this to him.’ — The Age