SMART Decision Making and 5 Tips on How to Avoid Making Dumb Decisions in Your Business

Do You Use SMART Decision Making?


Another week has zipped by..

And the week has demonstrated yet again the importance of knowing how to make good decisions in a company..

Decision Making is a skill.

Decision Making is a skill that can be learned, practiced, coached and improved.

In the absence of using Smart Decision Making discipline, a lot of dumb (and costly) decisions are made every day..

I’ve seen and heard the power and cost of making EDD’s and ULD’s..

I heard how one ULD cost over $200,000 and another caused a top performing, high revenue generator to walk and head straight over to the opposition..



I was talking to a guy last week (Chris the Sound guy at our gig last Friday night.. My band played a Primary School Christmas party at the Yokine Bowling Club…)

Sales Training Lesson #103: Objection Muscles, Video, VIP Invite and Kicking More Goals

Long weekend here in Perth.. just back from Sunday morning water polo training.. The feedback from last weeks request for input on this email overwhelming told us that people like the personal touch leading into useful business info.. Which only supports the Science of Influence reported by Cialdini in his book ‘The Psychology of Influence’..…