Customer Service Lesson #4: Why my Wife went from Shocked, Upset and Angry to Smiling, Raving Fan

Why Customer Service starts way after the Initial Purchase

Only two sleeps before Christmas..

The year has flown by.

The tree is up downstairs. Lights are on. Tinsel glittering as they change from red to blue to yellow..

Gift cards, Apple gift cards, Apple TV’s, books, makeup, clothing and other stuff lay wrapped around the tree ready to surprise and delight on Christmas morning.

I’ve been in and out of shops getting all sorts of variations in Customer Service.

Some surprise with their interest, friendliness and product knowledge (like at Specsavers and Apple) and some surprise with their lack of interest, friendliness and clear desire to do the bare minimum and collect their hourly rate (read large Department store I shall not name..)

Talking of Customer Service Surprise and Delight..

My darling wife’s car was broken into the other night…

Driver side window.. car unlocked.