Inside Secrets to Personal Best Elicitation for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

If you’re going to get the best out of people – help them beat their Personal Best (PB’s) you need to have an understanding of basic Psychology.

You need to understand how to use the power of influence, how to motivate, encourage and challenge the best out of yourself and others.

People like public praise and acknowledgment – especially extroverts.

Success – What Does It Take To Produce Sustained Success?

If you live in Australia and haven’t heard the name Rick Charlesworth you probably haven’t been that interested in success in sport over the last 30 years.

If you have any interest in success, sport or high performance you will know that Rick is no only a medical doctor, Sheffield Shield cricketer and Captain of Western Australia, but Olympic hockey player, gold medalist and Master Coach of the Australian Men’s and Women’s hockey team.

Business Coach Lessons from Water Polo Training to Take Sales and Business Results to New Levels

How the ‘Let’s See If..’ Business Coach Strategy Can Work in Your Business

I’ve just come back from coaching my Masters water polo team this morning..

and I had an idea that I used at training I think you can use with your team.

You see,  it’s important in water polo (like so many other sports and businesses) to pass the ball cleanly..

Cleanly means when you get it, you can do something with it quickly, accurately, strategically; to put your team to advantage.

Not so cleanly means it’s in the wrong spot or misses you completely.

So the whole flow of the movement breaks down (and the opposition have a chance to recover.)

Why Swift, Clean Movement?

Business Coaching Lesson #23: How to Empower Yourself in 2011 with 'The Kings Speech'

Happy 2011 to you and your team..

This year is going to be another interesting year of whatever you and I make it to be..

The winds of whatever the economy is doing will continue to blow. But we have to set our sails to deal with it.

While we continue to enjoy the New Years weekend, we went with our swimming mates to see ‘The Kings Speech’ last night.

What a movie!!!

I would say it is one of if not THE BEST movie I have seen in many, many years.


Sales Training Lesson #38: Why Tell the Truth, Play Hard and Do What it Takes

It’s the Sunday after my 53rd birthday dinner on Friday night.. Recovered from that well yesterday then had a Father and son surf this morning up at Lancelin.. so a very good weekend all in all.. and off to AC/DC concert tomorrow night… just to top it all off.. (talking of AC/DC if you haven’t…

'So You Want to Be A Coach or Consultant and Get Better at Selling B2B.. Secrets Now Revealed..'

If you’re wanting to be a Coach or Consultant… or You want to get better at marketing and selling B2B, here is a ONCE ONLY chance to get the INSIDE SECRETS that clients normally pay over $5000 per day to have revealed.. In Sydney on July 6 and 7th you can…. “Learn the Secrets to…

Celebrate, Panic, Attack or Shrink?

It’s Tuesday afternoon… and if you’re in one of our Breakthrough Programmes you may have been on the teleconference with John today.. If not.. this is your first communication with Blue Rocket today.. Either way.. today is a cause for celebration.. another interest rate cut..but the market still drops… I just checked the headlines on…