Sales Training Lesson #102: How to Close a Sale and Make a Profit

I am still getting over the shock of Geelong getting smashed on Friday night against Collingwood..

(I actually had to re-watch the first quarter to study what the difference between the teams really was.)

But more on that later..

Sales Training Lessons from this week in the land of Blue Rocket Sales Breakthrough’s..


I went out on the road with a couple of sales athletes this week.

Met several people in retail who told me their war stories… fascinating..

As we spoke of their sales mindsets and sales strategies one of the patterns that became clear when we were talking of closing strategies was..


The Ultimate Sales Training Lesson: How to Stop Ripping Yourself Off

I was on the phone to John last night on the way back from a meeting in Fremantle.

We were talking about the weeks client coaching and sales training sessions.

John is suffering from a bad bout of the flu (so I was glad he was at the other end of the phone while I was driving past the setting sun at Cottesloe Beach on a lovely West Australian Winter’s clear blue sky  Friday afternoon..)