Innovation Tip #12: How to Cope with Carbon, Consumer Confidence and Other Important C Words in Business

Our good friends Jim and Alice offered me a wee whiskey last night when I went over to pick up James from band practice.

Alice is Scottish, so a small whiskey on a cold Saturday night is just something you do.

I’ve had about 3 whiskeys in my whole life. So it hits hard when you sip it straight.

As we sat round their kitchen table, Jim and I start talking business.

As Jim says, ‘It’s tough in retail….’

‘The banks are still holding up money…’

‘People aren’t spending…’

Yet on the Today Tonight programme during the week they were showing all the new millionaires who were making money on the internet.

The landscape is not the same for everyone.

Or is it?

And as I scan the Consumer Confidence figures from the Roy Morgan July survey,