What is Stopping You Getting 'A Grade' Sales Performance out of Yourself and Your Sales Team?

10 Questions and 5 Steps to Bringing Your ‘A Grade’ Sales Game to the Table


I was running a sales training session in a Board room last week with a high powered sales team in the Investment Services-High End Property game.
Have you ever had one of those ‘stream of consciousness’ moments when even you are surprised by the power of what you say?
It hit me like a ton of bricks as the words came out of my mouth.

‘You can dress like an ‘A Grade’ Player..
But are you doing all the things an A Grade Player does??’

Business Coach Lessons from Water Polo Training to Take Sales and Business Results to New Levels

How the ‘Let’s See If..’ Business Coach Strategy Can Work in Your Business

I’ve just come back from coaching my Masters water polo team this morning..

and I had an idea that I used at training I think you can use with your team.

You see,  it’s important in water polo (like so many other sports and businesses) to pass the ball cleanly..

Cleanly means when you get it, you can do something with it quickly, accurately, strategically; to put your team to advantage.

Not so cleanly means it’s in the wrong spot or misses you completely.

So the whole flow of the movement breaks down (and the opposition have a chance to recover.)

Why Swift, Clean Movement?

Business Coaching Lessons on How the Gold Logie was Won and Outflanking Your Competition

How did that guy win the Gold Logie?

He’s on the front page of every newspaper in Australia this morning..
But who is he?

The guy that won the Gold Logie last night..
Hamish… someone.. Hamish Blake?

I asked myself… ‘Who..? Never heard of him…’

But of course.. I had heard of Hamish from the radio/comedy duo Hamish and Andy…

We know him more for his brand… not his actual name..