Why Do Sales Training? 3 Very Good Reasons

What I Just Had to Say About Sales Training After a Meeting with a Prospect This Week

Way too many companies think Sales Training is like the Easter Bunny…. It comes once a year..

Any A Grade Player knows they need to train daily if not at least 3 or 4 times per week.


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Why Invest 10 minutes looking in the Mirror at Your Business..?

What Too Many Managers Fear

What Too Many Managers and Employees Fear and 3 Steps to Deal with It

This all started with a lunch conversation with my darling daughter Caitlin.

She Manages a retail fashion store. It just happens to be the top performing store in the country.

She told me about a problem she was having.

I’ve heard this problem many times in many other organisations over the years.

Here is what I recommended she do.