Sales Coaching Lesson #56: Increasing Sales by 20% by Looking Backwards

We had my wife’s sister and her partner over for dinner last night.

My daughter Caitlin and I cooked up the old reliable – spag boll… It was a hit..

As the night went on (besides me and her boyfriend playing guitar and singing to the girls) we put on some old family DVD’s.. photos and videos of our kids and our families over the past 5 or so years..

It was a look back in time..

How the kids had grown up so fast. The holidays we had gone on together. The shopping expeditions the girls had gone on in Melbourne and Sydney.

But I woke up this morning with this thought for both you and me..


Sales Training Lesson #124: Why Life and Death is an important Topic in Selling

What a week..

Australia is out of the World Cup of Soccer (or Football depending on what you call it)

Australia has a new Prime Minister – our First Female Prime Minister

One of my clients almost lost her cat but it has survived (with the help of a very unusual operation..)

And what have these events got to do with Sales Training?


We were smashed 4-0 by Germany yet we go on and play Ghana and Serbia, and under incredible pressure (red cards, one man down, no Tim Cahill), we draw against Ghana and win against Serbia (who had beaten Germany).

How can it be?

How can a team get beaten 4-0 then beat the team that beat that team?

Is it the same team?

Sales Training Lesson #76: Why WAKE UP and Not Be a Self Obsessed Bore

I was on the phone with a client today who was telling me a story of a meeting he and a senior colleague went to this week..
It was an important meeting with a large company they were looking to do more business with.
He had been working on the relationship for the past 6 months.
Things had been going well..
Then, in one foul swoop, the colleague stuffs it all up..

How to Stuff Up a Prospect Meeting…. (Don’t Try this at home folks.. It takes practice..)

Sales Training Lesson#55: Sales and Training to Kick More Goals

Friends, I went to the Eagles vs Geelong game in Perth last night..

Premiership Team on Top of the Ladder playing team way down the ladder..

It could have been a walkover but it wasn’t (thank goodness for the game, the spectators and in particular the future hopes of the team itself..)

But for me (as a coach, observer of team behaviour, student of high performance) sitting there (at times very frustrated) there were so many sales and training lessons I wanted to pass onto you this morning..

Sales Training Lesson #56: Improve Closing Sales By Baby Steps

In sales training, sales coaching and sales consulting people are always asking us the ‘what is your number one secret to increasing sales?’ question.

Of course, there is no NUMBER ONE SECRET (except in writing marketing materials… because everyone is always looking for THE SILVER BULLET…) but, this secret is a beauty that I was reminded of again last week.

So often, we want to make the BIG SALE.. THE BIG ONE that will break the budget.

Maybe we need to get out of the hole we might be in at that moment or just make THE BIG ONE so we can go back and tell the Boss we’ve done it..

That we are the Sales Legend for that week or month..

Sales Training Lesson #31: How to Close More Deals by Asking Better Questions

Wayne and Mary recently went to a Financial Planner.

They had some Superannuation, some Life Insurance and a few other bits and pieces, but basically, their finances were all over the shop..

To Wayne’s pleasant surprise, the Financial Planner asked if he could ask a few questions, some of which might be a bit personal, (but then again, if you’re talking finances, it probably needed to get personal).

Barry (the Financial Planner) took out a document that looked about 10 or more pages and began working his way through.

He’d ask a question, get an answer, share a bit about himself or other clients in similar positions, then he’d ask another question.

The interesting thing about it from Mary and Wayne’s point of view was that Barry was helping them get insights into their finances they hadn’t had for years.

Barry had at last got them working ON their finances rather than being at the EFFECT OF their finances.

Barry was leading them to the inevitable conclusion that they had to take some serious action… and NOW..

So what is the sales training lesson in this for you in your business?

Sales Training Lesson #48: NLP, Sales Team Diagnosis and 3 Steps to Getting Your Quotes, Tenders, Proposals Accepted

So many great Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Consulting lessons from last weeks consulting to clients..

Here are just some in a nutshell.. (maybe I will write about them at some point in the future)


Our Perception Mapping Process showed yet again the power of doing an online Diagnostic of Sales Teams attitudes, issues and areas they request Sales Training in before you begin a Sales Training programme. Sales Managers at one of our new clients just loved seeing their results. It mobilised them into action.

‘What are my team saying?’

‘How do we compare to the other teams?’

‘What are the top 3 issues we need to fix?’

‘Let’s get on with it..’