How the Sad Loss of a Sales Legend Can Turn to a Gain

Vale Sales Legend: The Great Bill Fitzpatrick and his Gift to You and Your Sales Results

I’ve come back early from my holiday to help arrange a funeral.Sales Legend Bill Fitzpatrick

My wife’s champion father died last Friday.

Sales Legend, the Great Bill ‘The Silver Fox’ Fitzpatrick passed away peacefully in his sleep – aged 76.


The week between the death of a loved one and the funeral is a twilight zone for the close family and friends left behind.

There is the shock, the sadness, the realisation of the hole in your life and the need to move forward and the importance of celebrating what was and the legacy they leave from their time on this planet.

As we go through photo albums preparing for the funeral we both laugh at all the fun memories and cry for the loss.

Tears amongst the smiles.

It is a time of family and close friends coming together.

All sharing this twilight zone together.

Some of you will know I have mentioned Bill in the past.


We did a fantastic ‘Sales Champion CD of the month interview with him a couple of years ago.Sales Legend Award

Bill was certainly no ordinary sales person.

He sold direct sales for Niagara Therapy for over 35 years.

Leadership Lesson #12: What the Melbourne Cup and Barack Obama's Win Reveals for You as a Leader

What a week it was last week..

On Tuesday I came back to the office and turned on the TV to watch a great run in the Melbourne Cup. Green Moon’s run and the jockeys exuberance after the race were inspirational.

Here’s an exercise..


Let’s deconstruct what the winning jockey Brett Prebble said after the race..

“It’s a lifelong dream. I was very confident at the mile, then at the 1200m I thought the only thing that could get him beaten was his stamina if he didn’t stay the trip, but the feeling he was giving me at the 1200 was the sort of feeling you only get from very good horses. I’ve been very fortunate to ride some champions and he’s up there in the top 10.”

Where are the clues to leadership, winning and success in here?

Let me give you my thoughts.

Sales Leadership Lesson # 27: How Losing London Gold can Win You Gold in Your Business

How Loose Teams and D***heads Can Cost You Gold in Your Business

by Leigh Farnell

I’ve woken up this morning with the cover story from yesterday’s Weekend Australian Magazine haunting me..

There on the cover is a shirtless James Magnussen and his Coach Brant Best with the headline ‘How it Went Wrong – What happened behind the scenes to derail our Olympic swimming campaign.

What a bloody disaster..

A disaster of leadership..

So let’s attempt to turn a sporting disaster into a Business and Sales Leadership Success.


There is an old saying when it comes to teams and leadership – ‘The fish stinks from the head first..’

Sales Coaching Tip # 19: How The Secrets of Transformation are Found in a Front Garden

I’m a day late..
Just got back last night from a weekend in Sydney catching up with old water polo mates dating way back to  1976..
My mate Menno and his wife Jenny had a party to celebrate the opening of their new garden..
(‘Any excuse for a party’ I hear you say…)
But the point is, Menno was never a gardener..
A Formula for Transformation

Sales Training Tip #29: How Not to Play If You're Not in the Same Park

What Every Sales Manager should be Training in their Sales Training – But 90% Don’t

Ever thought you had a sale in the bag..
You race back to the office to write up a plan, a quote, a proposal..
You spend hours and hours writing it up..
getting it just right..
You send it..
Then you never hear from the prospect again..
You miss out on the sale… plus you’ve spent hours and hours on it only to have your efforts vaporize into nothing??
This Sales Training article is for you..

Sales Systems that Sell More: Questions that Made $195,000 in 60 seconds and MORE

Sales Training Tip #37: Asking the Right Questions to Break New Sales Records

by Leigh Farnell
What a week..
Usain Bolt runs another amazing race to win the 200..
The Jamaican’s win the 4 x 100 in World Record time.
Australian Swimming launches a review into the performances in London..
Carl Lewis mouths off about Usain Bolt…
Local Real Estate Sales Person breaks best ever sales record in his office..
New Sales Team learns best way to sell their product…
I find all this interesting..
It’s Human Performance…

Hospitality and Leadership Lessons from Fabulous Fabio

Why we should all be a Fabulous Fabio

by Leigh Farnell
It’s half way through the World Masters Water Polo tournament and we play our first finals game this afternoon at 5..
So I’m resting up for the big game..
But that’s not why I’m writing to you..
For the past 5 days we have stayed at a funny little hotel on the coast here in Riccione..
The Kent Hotel – Riccione..
The hotel.. the building… the bricks and mortar (with the pink decorations on the outside walls)
is not the thing that makes this place so special..

What Hit Me as I sailed past George Clooney's Place

I’m writing this on a train going from Rome to Napoli…

My darling wife wants us to see the Amalfi Coast before we race back to Perth and start back in the land of Oz..

I have been thinking about all the different business lessons I wanted to share with you that have been sparked in my mind since I last wrote to you about Fabulous Fabio and his Customer Service Attitude.

Leadership Lesson # 39: Why Ode to the Crazy Ones?

I’m reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson at the moment..

I find myself getting inspired.. angry.. inspired.. angry..

Inspired about his incredible achievements..

Angry about the way he treated people – even those very close to him.

It really is a rollercoaster ride about a very complex but driven person, who really has,
as he used to say ‘made a dent in the Universe’