Why Do Sales Training? 3 Very Good Reasons

What I Just Had to Say About Sales Training After a Meeting with a Prospect This Week

Way too many companies think Sales Training is like the Easter Bunny…. It comes once a year..

Any A Grade Player knows they need to train daily if not at least 3 or 4 times per week.


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Why Invest 10 minutes looking in the Mirror at Your Business..?

What Too Many Managers Fear

What Too Many Managers and Employees Fear and 3 Steps to Deal with It

This all started with a lunch conversation with my darling daughter Caitlin.

She Manages a retail fashion store. It just happens to be the top performing store in the country.

She told me about a problem she was having.

I’ve heard this problem many times in many other organisations over the years.

Here is what I recommended she do.

How One Idea Put $2 Million into Paul’s Sales Pipeline

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“The leading American organisations were driven by a marketing philosophy rather than an accounting philosophy.”

We can all learn from top performers, be it in business or in sport, and many managers are now taking study tours of leading American companies.  (The Japanese have been doing this for years… there might be a message there somewhere…)

One of the key findings of Chris Chandler and Jennifer Haywood (1), two Australian managers reporting on their study tour of American companies, was the market-driven philosophy followed by the leading American companies.

They wrote

“For the leader who starts with the customer, the result is a quest for quality throughout the organisation. 

For the CEO who starts with the profit motive, the all too common outcome is cost-cutting and price hikes.”


Sales Management Lifesaver Seminar

Sales Managers Wanting to Scream??

If you’re a Sales Manager I’m sure there have been times when you have wanted to scream…

Scream or pull your hair out??

Or at least put your face in your hands in frustration??

Scream at the activity levels your team are doing..

Scream at the excuses given..

Scream the results your team are serving up to you.

That’s why I have created the Sales Management Lifesaver Seminar..

There are at least 4 Key areas you need to focus on to solve this problem.

There is new science to help you..

Don’t scream, get even..

Don’t scream, take action..

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Big Banks Paying for Customer Mistakes

I was reading in the Financial Review the other day how the Commonwealth Bank has paid over $52 million in compensation to 1000 customers who they say they ‘stuffed up’ with in regards to their Financial Advice.

ANZ, NAB and Macquarie Banks are also saying sorry to their customers following a Senate hearing.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Chief Executive Ian Narev admitted his bank was too slow responding to a scandal in its planning arm and a “painstaking “ investigation into past files would take all of this year and most of 2016 to resolve.

Flying Your Sales and Business for Predictable Success

Blackburne Property Group CEO Darren Cooper gave me a lesson in safety and predictable success when he invited me to go flying with him recently.

The sky was a perfect cloudless blue. There was almost no wind and Darren had told me he was a stunt Pilot, so I was just a little nervous about what might ensue.

As it works out we were in a perfectly normal 4 seater SkyHawk and we were just flying for an hour or two down to Mandurah and back and doing a few take off and landings.

Inside Secrets to Personal Best Elicitation for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

If you’re going to get the best out of people – help them beat their Personal Best (PB’s) you need to have an understanding of basic Psychology.

You need to understand how to use the power of influence, how to motivate, encourage and challenge the best out of yourself and others.

People like public praise and acknowledgment – especially extroverts.