What Too Many Managers Fear

What Too Many Managers and Employees Fear and 3 Steps to Deal with It

This all started with a lunch conversation with my darling daughter Caitlin.

She Manages a retail fashion store. It just happens to be the top performing store in the country.

She told me about a problem she was having.

I’ve heard this problem many times in many other organisations over the years.

Here is what I recommended she do.

Jump And The Net Will Appear – Lessons from Steve Jobs and Billy Thorpe on Marketing and Innovation

This is an article on Theatre, Rock Music, Computing gurus, you and me.

The common link in these themes are Marketing and Innovation (and taking leaps of Faith).

Innovation means taking a new idea and putting it into action.

Innovation isn’t just coming up with the idea.

It’s having the courage to take the leap of faith and put the idea into action – to take the idea from the metaphysical and make it physical.

May Is The Month Of The Home Straight

• Mothers Day
• National Mental Health Month
• Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500
• A month where Catholics honour the Virgin Mary for the whole month
• In France they plant a ‘May tree’ in honour of someone they want to
pay homage to.. In Germany it’s a ‘May Pole..’
• It is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Whatever you plan to do or celebrate in the Month of May.. do it well.

Customer Service Lesson #4: Why my Wife went from Shocked, Upset and Angry to Smiling, Raving Fan

Why Customer Service starts way after the Initial Purchase

Only two sleeps before Christmas..

The year has flown by.

The tree is up downstairs. Lights are on. Tinsel glittering as they change from red to blue to yellow..

Gift cards, Apple gift cards, Apple TV’s, books, makeup, clothing and other stuff lay wrapped around the tree ready to surprise and delight on Christmas morning.

I’ve been in and out of shops getting all sorts of variations in Customer Service.

Some surprise with their interest, friendliness and product knowledge (like at Specsavers and Apple) and some surprise with their lack of interest, friendliness and clear desire to do the bare minimum and collect their hourly rate (read large Department store I shall not name..)

Talking of Customer Service Surprise and Delight..

My darling wife’s car was broken into the other night…

Driver side window.. car unlocked.

Motivation Lesson #4: What You can Learn from Sting, Parko and my old mate Neil about The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox

What You can Learn about Motivation from Sting, Parko and Neil. Discovering The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox at Our Age..

by Leigh Farnell

I’m a day or two late with this post.. But it’s not a question of motivation.

Have been wrapped in cotton wool recovering from a bout of the flu..

But while recouperating, have been watching documentaries on my apple tv and reading..

Here are some  quotes I’ve been hit with over the past few days I wanted to share with you..to help with your motivation, inspiration and learning.


Sting is one of my heroes, role models, mentors (or just call me a starry eyed groupie…in the non sexual way that is..)

I was Youtubing Sting clips last week and came across an interview he did for the Sunrise programme recently..

When Mel asked him ‘what motivates you to keep so fit and trim at age 60?’ he replies..

‘It’s a combination of discipline … and vanity…’

I thought, what a great answer? What a great combination of motivators..

Discipline and Vanity..Motivation and You..

Life Lesson #1.5: What Near Death Teaches You about Currencies, Exchange Rates, Pizza and Health

It’s Monday morning as we move into the last few weeks before Christmas…

What a year it’s been..!

How good has it been for your health?

The US Election… Julia and Tony going at it.. Boat people.. Immigration.. New York storms.. The Dockers beating Geelong in the Finals…etc etc..

That’s the coffee table chat stuff… but what about yours and my business stuff..

Yours and my business health.. ?

The stuff of meeting prospects with problems and needs… solving those problems and needs….?

What about the stuff of where we are taking our businesses…. And how we are optimizing our time and our talents..

5 Ways to Turn Emergency into Triumph

Sitting here in the office and it’s 33 degrees outside in sunny Perth..

That really is a contrast to watching the TV news over the past few days and seeing not only the incredible damage of the floods in Queensland (and down around my old home town in Bendigo; Echuca and Rochester swimming pools where we used to race are now flooded…) had done but..


But more to the point, the incredible power of the Australian spirit of mateship, community, a fair go, helping out people worse off than ourselves..

Business Coaching Lesson #23: How to Empower Yourself in 2011 with 'The Kings Speech'

Happy 2011 to you and your team..

This year is going to be another interesting year of whatever you and I make it to be..

The winds of whatever the economy is doing will continue to blow. But we have to set our sails to deal with it.

While we continue to enjoy the New Years weekend, we went with our swimming mates to see ‘The Kings Speech’ last night.

What a movie!!!

I would say it is one of if not THE BEST movie I have seen in many, many years.