The Power and Profit from Kaizen in Business Development

Lessons from Japan and North Melbourne Football Club for Your Company

The Japanese have a term for it –


Continuous and Never Ending Improvement..

AFL North Melbourne Coach Brad Scott put it another way ..

“If the rest of the competition is getting better by 10% in the off season, we need to be getting better by 15 or 20% to get ahead of them…’

‘You can’t just improve at the rate of the competition if you want to get ahead of them..

You have to get better at a faster rate than the competition to get ahead of them…’

You actually have to GET BETTER AT GETTING BETTER..

I spent today with one of my client teams doing a half  day session on just that..


To 'Soldier ON while You're Sick Or Not' Policy

A Sensitive Topic on Sickness and Staying Away for Your Business

I wanted to raise an interesting and sensitive topic with you..

I am sending this email to all my clients.

It has arisen due to the fact I was out of action ill (sick, coughing, grumpy, unproductive and not happy) for the past week or so.

It all started a few weeks ago when on both a Monday and a Tuesday people came to workshops coughing and spluttering with ‘I’ve had this for 3 weeks…’ flu/pneumonia/ man cold, whatever you want to call it..


Within a week I knew something was going wrong with my body but I ‘soldiered on..’

I’d had my annual flu shot earlier in the year with the goal of preventing the possibility of going down (and inconveniencing clients and self) but…

After a couple of busy weeks that included a flight over East and back and other things, I ended up coughing and spluttering myself.

I ended up at the doctor 3 times in 7 days, 2 courses of antibiotics and had to cancel 2 workshops and about 7 days of productivity and no exercise or fitness work for almost 2 weeks as a result.

Bottom line — I am not very happy about this…and I want to prevent it (or at least minimise the risk of it) happening again.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I asked friends on Facebook what their thoughts were..


Sales Training Lessons on the Power of Acting and How it Can Work for Anyone in Business Development


This week has given me a few great Sales Training distinctions around the Power of Acting..


The Power of Acting AS IF..

Scenario One

I was running a Business Breakthrough Workshop with a group of highly intelligent, very experienced WHITE COLLAR professionals.

Degrees, Masters Degrees, Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Management qualifications abounded.

In the afternoon session one of the quieter chaps put his hand up and said,


‘When I first started in the Business Development role, I knew I was an introvert.

Sales Training Lesson # 37: What I learnt about Sales Systems from Getting My Car Serviced Yesterday

Sales Training Lesson for Anyone and Everyone who Wants Revenue Optimised

I had my car serviced yesterday.salesrevupdaybanner

I’ve been there before…

I knew there was work to be done..bettersaleschecklist

I also knew that Pravin was a Master of Sales and Service – especially the Add On and Upsell.

He is a Master Revenue Generator.

Pravin is the Nissan Service Advisor at the dealership I bought my Lexus 2 years ago.

I’m super happy with my Lexus. But it needed a service.


Here is what happened.

What You’ll get from this 7 minute video

1. Ideas on a better Sales System

2. How to get people to spend more than they thought (and still feel good about it..)

3. How to get consistency and predictability from your Sales efforts

4. How to make sure clients feel they are getting a good deal – every time

Sales Training RevUP #2: 4 minutes to Get You on the Right Path to More Conversions

4 Minutes to Power Your Sales Conversion onto the Right Path.

I had finished the day in another boardroom in Perth..

It was a day about ‘Discovering and Addressing Client Needs..’

I wanted to share with you a quick summary.

You’ll discover 5 quick tips in this 4 minute Sales Coaching Strategy RevUP.

Strategic RevUP = Strategic Power Coaching to get Your Sales Revenue UP..FAST..

Make notes on:

1. Power Questions

2. Colour Zone Selling

3. The Rule of 3

4. October 5th Sales RevUP Day in Perth

For More info on the Sales RevUP – Sales Management Masterclass on October 5th CLICK HERE and get your EARLYBIRD FREE BONUSES

The Early Bird Bonuses will go to the first 15 People – so ACT NOW before Your Competition Gets in Before You

Sales Training Lesson #213: What I learnt about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot

How can you have a Sales Training Lesson about Sales Management from a Trainee Pilot?

In this quick email

  • How to know you’re not crash landing (above or on the ground…)
  • What I learnt at swim training Saturday morning
  • the 3 M’s in Successful Management
  • How and why to minimise Flat Spots
I knew I was heading down to Bunbury for a 50th this weekend so I didn’t have much time..
I wanted to share with you the lessons of the past week and help set you up for success in the week coming..
So, after swim training, and a quick surf to try out my new board, I recorded this short video..

Sales Training from the BBC and How to Stop Smart People Doing Dumb Things


Its 7.15 on a Sunday morning.

My dog Ebony is snoring in her basket in front of me as I sit here with the heater on and my laptop on my lap..

I’ve been up doing an admin job that fits in with the time management principle – ‘Do the job you don’t like doing FIRST..’

It’s worked for me again..

Job Done.. tick…

So now.. a note to you with some learning’s I got last week that I think will help you this week..


  • Lessons from helpful customers
  • Customer catalyzed innovation for tough times and business breakthroughs
  • Lessons from a BBC TV show you really should check out
  • The big mistake in selling professional services
  • How to prevent very smart people doing dumb, costly things

Two Sales Training Lessons from Gary Ablett Jnr and Adelaide Crows for YOU and YOUR Business..

Sales Training Lessons from Gary Ablett Jnr and the Adelaide Crows


I was watching the pre game analysis on TV while I was having my muesli this morning..

It was the AFL Gold Coast v Adelaide game..

(Now before you Rugby and Soccer fans turn off.. hear me out.. there are some valuable lessons in here..)

I’ve been watching football on TV for over 30 year but this morning there were two very interesting things I’d never seen before..

Both have great relevance to your success in business

What’s Your Business Heat Map?

One of the things that really got me was this thing called ‘The Heat Map..’

Sales Training Lessons from The Maldives and Maitland that WILL win YOU More Business

Maldives and Maitland Sales Training Lessons for You and the Team


It’s been a while since I wrote to you..(As I re-read this, you might want to read it a couple of times…)I’ve just got back from 10 days surfing in the Maldives with my son and some of my old mates..And in the last 24 hours I’ve run a workshop in Perth plus spoke to a high performing franchise in Maitland for one of my clients.. 

The Sales Training lessons I’m talking about here include:

  1. Achieving goals
  2. Conversion rates
  3. Retention rates
  4. Learning and embedding critical key Business Development skills