Feedback And Blind Spots

I just completed a series of 13 question feedback sessions with several groups over the past few weeks as part of their ongoing Sales Team Development Training.

Each and every group talked about how valuable it was to get feedback from their co-workers and managers about:

• What they did well
• What they could do better
• How they made decisions
• How they managed time
• How they managed stress and multiple projects
• How they could relate and perform better with their teams

Why Emotional Management is Important In Winning The Business

Getting the deal, getting the YES is way more than just product or price.

It’s also about the feeling you engender, you create, you facilitate in the prospect.

Your prospect needs to feel the two C’s – Confidence and Certain – that you can deliver the benefits you say you can.

The secret to that is – you have to believe you and your company can deliver what you say you can FIRST.

You have to believe in your product, your service and yourself.

May Is The Month Of The Home Straight

• Mothers Day
• National Mental Health Month
• Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500
• A month where Catholics honour the Virgin Mary for the whole month
• In France they plant a ‘May tree’ in honour of someone they want to
pay homage to.. In Germany it’s a ‘May Pole..’
• It is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Whatever you plan to do or celebrate in the Month of May.. do it well.

The Relationship Factor in Business

The secret to building long term, profitable relationships in business is to be
constantly aiming to be of value and of service to your client.

People do not maintain business relationships just because you are a nice, friendly
person who can tell a good joke or have a nice smile.

Time is precious, so people prefer to do profi table business with people they like.
That way, you can both have fun and profi t at the same time.

April as the Month of Rebirth

REVITALISE & RE-INVENT IN APRIL In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is April is this: Easter Sunday is the day to celebrate the Christian resurrection, rebirth, re energising, re-invention. Since early Hebrew and Christian times, this full moon celebrates Passover, Resurrection, with eggs being a symbol of the new life to be celebrated…

Sales Revolutions need Revolutionary Sales Leadership

I wrote this article for my hard copy Sales RevUP newsletter when we were doing a Sales Training/ Organisational Development programme with Community Newspaper Group. That programme went on to win the LearnX Best Sales Training in the Asia Pacific. Christine has been recognised for her success at Community Newspaper Group and has since moved…

5 Powerful Sales RevUP Tools

Your 90 Day Sales RevUP Campaign (Continued from previous blog on my Sales RevUP One Day Sales Accelerator Process) Having mapped out 5 Powerful Sales RevUP Tools for the group I then got them down to work on their 90 Day Powerful Sales RevUP Campaign I got them using my Powerful Sales RevUP Campaign Fishbone…