April as the Month of Rebirth

REVITALISE & RE-INVENT IN APRIL In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is April is this: Easter Sunday is the day to celebrate the Christian resurrection, rebirth, re energising, re-invention. Since early Hebrew and Christian times, this full moon celebrates Passover, Resurrection, with eggs being a symbol of the new life to be celebrated…

Sales Training Lesson#58: Marketing Lessons from John Farnham

I’ve woken up this morning with a John Farnham song repeating in my head..

It doesn’t happen every morning… but it has this morning..

You see last night we were guests of my old mate Brad Mellen of Mellen Events here in Perth.

He was staging the second of the ‘Evening on the Green’ Concerts in Kings Park.

Australian music legends, Ross Wilson, Richard Clapton then John Farnham..

Sales Training Lesson #201: Why be Unreasonable?

Week 44 has just ended..
63 days until the end of the year..
The sprint to Christmas..
For some of you it will be the busiest time of the year..
For others it will be a slowing down..
Interestingly, in the industry sectors that are slowing down, there will be some in those sectors who are still way busier than others.
Why would it be that some in say The Finance Sector or the Professional Services sector are super busy and others are saying ‘this is a quiet time of the year..’?
The answer lies in the question..

Sales Training Lesson #125: Facing the Enemies to Your Sales Success

I’ve just had a very interesting week.

I’ve run the same one hour ‘Future Growth’ seminar on sales and marketing to small and medium sized businesses 19 times to about 150-200 business owners and managers around Perth.

As you can see, the groups were small so we got to interact and coach people in a very close, intimate environment.

I got to see 150-200 business people at close range.

As I reflect on it this weekend it was a thought provoking experience with some great sales training, sales coaching lessons in there.

How to Look Backwards to Look Forward and Break a Million Sales Records

Collingwood has smashed St Kilda in the Grand Final Replay of 2010..

What happened??

My view.. in a nutshell summary.. and what can you and I learn from it in business?

When your main goal kicker is drawn way up the ground and there is no one inside your 50 metre zone.. you have trouble scoring..

Lessons for you and me in business… Have more than one person who can kick goals..

You want a multi streamed approach to kicking goals in your business..

Have more than one salesperson… more than one person who can deliver the bacon..

But there’s more…



Sales Training Lessons: Why Reset and ReInvent are not just for St Kilda and Collingwood..

Talk about Rebound, Recharge, Remotivate, Reset and Replay..

It’s all about the ‘R’ Words at St Kilda and Collingwood this week… (but maybe also in your business if you’re looking to take your Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Sales or Account Management to the next level too..)

Collingwood and St Kilda will have to do all five of the above after Saturday’s unbelievable Grand Final..

Collingwood start fast…. St Kilda come back well..

Collingwood 23 scoring shots and only 9 goals.. St Kilda 18 scoring shots and 10 goals..

It’s all about Conversion Rate boys.. Converting under pressure…

It’s also about the mental and physical ‘Reset’ and ‘Rebound’ buttons. It’s about resilience, leadership and routines… Working the routines that facilitate rebounding with 100% focus.

That is an important Blue Rocket Sales Coaching Lesson… but more of that in other parts of our blog..

In the meantime…



Here is an email from Mining People International Recruitment Manager Brad Thorp..

‘I’m not sure if I’m out of line or not but I thought of a topic for your weekly blog. I went to the Powder Finger concert last night (they were awesome) and I starting thinking about the selling process that a band does to the crowd, specifically the lead singer. They are the salesman, Bernard Fanning is a very good salesman as is Mick Jagger, Bono, Michael Hutchins (was) etc. During one song he passed over the mike to one of the other guys and there was clearly a reason BF was the lead singer, he’s probably no better at singing but he sells the song much better than the other guy. I’m sure this could be related to sales people, “are you the lead singer or one of the backing crew etc”.

Sales Coaching Lesson #56: Increasing Sales by 20% by Looking Backwards

We had my wife’s sister and her partner over for dinner last night.

My daughter Caitlin and I cooked up the old reliable – spag boll… It was a hit..

As the night went on (besides me and her boyfriend playing guitar and singing to the girls) we put on some old family DVD’s.. photos and videos of our kids and our families over the past 5 or so years..

It was a look back in time..

How the kids had grown up so fast. The holidays we had gone on together. The shopping expeditions the girls had gone on in Melbourne and Sydney.

But I woke up this morning with this thought for both you and me..