Shocking Wolf of Wall Street Movie Reveals 14 Sales Secrets for Anyone in Business who Wants MORE Sales.


If you can get beyond the moral war zone that is the movie WOLF OF WALL STREET you will find at least 14 powerful Sales Lessons that made Jordon Belfort billions..

wolfad photoPeople have kept asking me ‘have you seen THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, Leigh?’

‘What did you think of it?’ they would prod.

So here is my answer — and how to turn the Negatives of the Wolf into a Positive for YOU.

Check out this short video to get the insights..

How Sex, Action, Customer Survey's and Customer Experience are all Important Keys in 2014

3 Lessons to Kick Off 2014 including a Controversial One on the Power of Sex and Customer Feedback at  Your Company

I’m doing my best to get back into the working year of 2014…

How are you going with that?

3 key lessons from the last 30 days….to help you kick off 2014


I’ve just got off the phone to Mr. ‘Action Man’ Paul Ramsay of Travel and Sports Australia.paul ramsay.jpg

He is fired up..

He is using my Sales Planning tools and Sales Planning Systems to get his team focused and fired up for 2014.

They are listening to my CD’s and discussing them in Team meetings.

Sales Training Christmas Lessons and 7 Power Productivity Tips for the New Year

Christmas Giving and 7 Power Tips for 2014 Productivity in Your Business LeighXmas-facehat


It’s Christmas time and I’m in the spirit of Christmas..

I read a quote in Dan Kennedy’s ‘No BS Wealth Attraction in the New Economy’ from Dr Edward Kramer (author of “Synchromatics and inventor of the ‘Thank-U-Gram”) which struck me…

‘The hole you give through is the hole you receive through…’

It makes great sense doesn’t it.. How can you receive in greater quantities than you give?

And the goal of giving is not to expect anything in return…

So in the spirit of giving in the season of giving, I just wanted to send you my ‘all the best to you and your family’ Christmas wishes…


Talking of receiving, I’ve just received a lovely gift from Ben Wendell and Zac Nelles at Newsletter Marketing Systems. They ran a very innovative Referral Competition (which I didn’t even know I was in..).

You could do something similar in the New Year.

Check out how they did the draw here

Sales Training Lesson #23.5: Why Ego and BS need to be left at the door

Sales Training Insight: The Stats Don’t Lie, but People Do….(especially to themselves..)

You don’t have to be a sales training genius to get this..Sales KPI's As a Business Owner, Sales Manager or Business Development person, you already know that Sales Success does require a little bit of resilience… persistence… self belief and dare I say it – Ego..

I’ve called this Sales Training Lesson #23.5 because it deals with that in between, twilight area of ego, thoughts, belief systems and things you sometimes just can’t put your finger on – yet make all the difference.

In this short video I cover some great insights from this weeks coaching. It deals with:

Sales Training Lesson #214: Harvey Keitel Inspires White Collar Sales Wolf to Fix Sales Messes and Money Making Mistakes

Why Hire a Wolf NOT a Seagull

Sales Training Confession #42: Sometimes I feel like Harvey Keitel’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction – Winston Wolfe – the Wolf…wolfsolveproblems.jpg

I often feel like a White Collar Sales or Management Wolf..

I get called into sales training, Sales Management,  business situations, and often asked to:

  • Clean this s…t up
  • Fix it..
  • Get me out of trouble
  • Help me get more leads
  • Help us convert more proposals into closed deals
  • Help us present this Pitch so we win the deal..
  • Help get this team working well again..

Just yesterday I spent a morning with 3 highly experienced White Collar professionals who have a great product and service, great track record helping manufacturing and production companies make and save millions of dollars.

The White Collar Sales Training Problem – they have no leads or deals in their Revenue Pipeline.

The Power and Profit from Kaizen in Business Development

Lessons from Japan and North Melbourne Football Club for Your Company

The Japanese have a term for it –


Continuous and Never Ending Improvement..

AFL North Melbourne Coach Brad Scott put it another way ..

“If the rest of the competition is getting better by 10% in the off season, we need to be getting better by 15 or 20% to get ahead of them…’

‘You can’t just improve at the rate of the competition if you want to get ahead of them..

You have to get better at a faster rate than the competition to get ahead of them…’

You actually have to GET BETTER AT GETTING BETTER..

I spent today with one of my client teams doing a half  day session on just that..


To 'Soldier ON while You're Sick Or Not' Policy

A Sensitive Topic on Sickness and Staying Away for Your Business

I wanted to raise an interesting and sensitive topic with you..

I am sending this email to all my clients.

It has arisen due to the fact I was out of action ill (sick, coughing, grumpy, unproductive and not happy) for the past week or so.

It all started a few weeks ago when on both a Monday and a Tuesday people came to workshops coughing and spluttering with ‘I’ve had this for 3 weeks…’ flu/pneumonia/ man cold, whatever you want to call it..


Within a week I knew something was going wrong with my body but I ‘soldiered on..’

I’d had my annual flu shot earlier in the year with the goal of preventing the possibility of going down (and inconveniencing clients and self) but…

After a couple of busy weeks that included a flight over East and back and other things, I ended up coughing and spluttering myself.

I ended up at the doctor 3 times in 7 days, 2 courses of antibiotics and had to cancel 2 workshops and about 7 days of productivity and no exercise or fitness work for almost 2 weeks as a result.

Bottom line — I am not very happy about this…and I want to prevent it (or at least minimise the risk of it) happening again.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I asked friends on Facebook what their thoughts were..


Sales Training Lessons on the Power of Acting and How it Can Work for Anyone in Business Development


This week has given me a few great Sales Training distinctions around the Power of Acting..


The Power of Acting AS IF..

Scenario One

I was running a Business Breakthrough Workshop with a group of highly intelligent, very experienced WHITE COLLAR professionals.

Degrees, Masters Degrees, Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Management qualifications abounded.

In the afternoon session one of the quieter chaps put his hand up and said,


‘When I first started in the Business Development role, I knew I was an introvert.

Sales Training Lesson # 37: What I learnt about Sales Systems from Getting My Car Serviced Yesterday

Sales Training Lesson for Anyone and Everyone who Wants Revenue Optimised

I had my car serviced yesterday.salesrevupdaybanner

I’ve been there before…

I knew there was work to be done..bettersaleschecklist

I also knew that Pravin was a Master of Sales and Service – especially the Add On and Upsell.

He is a Master Revenue Generator.

Pravin is the Nissan Service Advisor at the dealership I bought my Lexus 2 years ago.

I’m super happy with my Lexus. But it needed a service.


Here is what happened.

What You’ll get from this 7 minute video

1. Ideas on a better Sales System

2. How to get people to spend more than they thought (and still feel good about it..)

3. How to get consistency and predictability from your Sales efforts

4. How to make sure clients feel they are getting a good deal – every time

Sales Training RevUP #2: 4 minutes to Get You on the Right Path to More Conversions

4 Minutes to Power Your Sales Conversion onto the Right Path.

I had finished the day in another boardroom in Perth..

It was a day about ‘Discovering and Addressing Client Needs..’

I wanted to share with you a quick summary.

You’ll discover 5 quick tips in this 4 minute Sales Coaching Strategy RevUP.

Strategic RevUP = Strategic Power Coaching to get Your Sales Revenue UP..FAST..

Make notes on:

1. Power Questions

2. Colour Zone Selling

3. The Rule of 3

4. October 5th Sales RevUP Day in Perth

For More info on the Sales RevUP – Sales Management Masterclass on October 5th CLICK HERE and get your EARLYBIRD FREE BONUSES

The Early Bird Bonuses will go to the first 15 People – so ACT NOW before Your Competition Gets in Before You